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An Authentic Life Without Sacrifice: Bringing Back Pleasure And Play With Alara Sage

It is a widespread belief that in order to achieve one thing in life, you need to sacrifice another. But what if you can have the best out of life without sacrifice? Our guest in this episode believes you can! Alara Sage works with courageous, female leaders and professionals who are highly successful but feel unfulfilled in life and disconnected from their true radiant selves. She helps them unlock their power, orgasm, and authenticity for a deeply fulfilling, intimately connected, and nourishing life without sacrifice. Today, she sits down with Rosie Zilinskas to talk about how we can achieve that amidst the high-stress environment we are in. Alara talks about the loss of pleasure and play in our adult life and how we can take that back with the four keys to embodying presence. She also discusses how we can marry mental health with physical health, feel safe with our authentic selves, and live with intention. From deep within ourselves and speaking out our needs to the world, Alara gives us an episode that will help us get closer to having a loving relationship with our own authentic selves.

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An Authentic Life Without Sacrifice: Bringing Back Pleasure And Play With Alara Sage

Our conversation is going to be slightly different. We’re going to be talking to Alara Sage about a few different things. We’re going to be talking about increasing playfulness and pleasure as well. We’re going to talk about how we can marry that mental health with that physical health. We’re also going to be talking about when you have a high-stress job, what is it that you need to say, a couple of more things, the importance of feeling safe at work, and finally, that amazing and incredible loving relationship with yourself.


To have that amazing conversation, we have Alara Sage. Let me tell you a little bit about Alara. Alara works with courageous female leaders and professionals who are highly successful but feel unfulfilled in life and disconnected from their true radiant selves. She helps them unlock their power, orgasm, and authenticity for a deeply fulfilling, intimately connected, and nourishing life without sacrifice. This is going to be an awesome conversation. Stay tuned for the conversation with Alara.

Alara, thank you so much for being here with me. I’m so excited to talk to you about pleasure and play. One of the things that I noticed on your website is you have this YouTube or this training. You’re talking about how when we’re young children as girls, we are told, “Don’t touch that. Knock it off. Be quiet.” When we start school, we already come in with this preconceived notion that we should people please and not speak out. How is it that you think pleasure and play get lost even at that young age? That goes into our adult life. We’re in the no-mindset.


I’m so thrilled to be here. Thank you for having me. What a great question to open the conversation with. Playfulness is our innate experience. Playfulness is who we truly are in our authenticity. We are very playful and joyous beings. Many people can relate to the term authenticity or the authentic self because we’re now in this space of humanity where we are like, “What is authenticity? How do I express more of that? How do I connect more to my authentic self and perhaps this feeling of disconnect from a part of ourselves or this lost version of ourselves?”


This was my generation, your generation, and our parent’s generation. The world is changing for my children and those generations but for our generation, it is this experience that who we innately were in our playfulness, our exuberance, our fullness, and sometimes our craziness, wildness, and emotion-filled self was not allowed. It was not acceptable. Early on, we are told to shut that down.


One of the best ways I love to bring this forward is simply through the terminology of the terrible twos. That to me says so much about how our society views a time in our life when we are coming out of being a baby into being a child and into expressing ourselves as humans. It’s seen as terrible and uncomfortable or those terrible twos. This is that authentic self, back to that childlike innocence, playfulness, and exuberance that very much anchored into the moment, “What do I want to do? Create, be, express, and enjoy.” There’s so much pleasure and fulfillment in that space.


I never realized or thought that calling it terrible twos was coming from a negative space because I have two children. They’re now 22 and 24. It has been years since they were there but I always thought you don’t have to deal with it. You have to halt the tantrums but I never look at it as we are halting that playfulness or expressiveness that our children are trying to figure out.


That’s a mind-blowing thing for me because it’s part of life. It’s parenting but to your point, that is when we start squashing the spirit of both boys and girls but mostly girls because we’re like, “Be quiet.” It’s the whole, “Be seen and not heard,” as we are coming off the Baby Boomer generation and the Gen X generation.


I attended a diversity conference. It’s so interesting. The speaker was saying that now, the younger Millennials and the Gen Z individuals have been negotiating since they were younger because we as parents have been trying to explain things to them in lieu of the, “It’s because I said so. I’m your father, and I’m telling you to do it.” We were taking the pendulum a little bit further, “I’m going to do it differently.”


All of these young Gen Z-ers are coming into the workforce. We have these Baby Boomers and elder Gen X-ers that are annoyed and aggravated because these young kids are questioning but they’re not questioning to be defiant. They’re questioning because they want to understand. It’s incredible. That was powerful when I heard that. I was like, “That makes so much sense. That’s crazy.”


That’s beautiful. I love that the speaker had the awareness that they’re not trying to rebel. They’re trying to understand.


Both Millennials and the Gen Z-ers, me included in the past before I now understand more, were like, “They’re so entitled. They’re asking questions,” but we didn’t understand at that time. To me, it was a light bulb, “That makes so much sense.” I spoke to a young lady. She’s about 24 years old. She’s like, “We want to know why we’re doing what we’re doing. We’re not questioning to be defiant. We want to understand.” That’s the other piece of the puzzle there.


In your opinion, when we as parents realize this, what are some things that we can do to foster that pleasure and play in these young girls? We know that girls around the age of nine peek at their confidence and become so much more self-conscious that they’re not speaking up. That translates into high school, college, and even the workforce. What are some recommendations that you have for parental figures? How can we foster that play when our daughters specifically are in that age range going into school?


It all comes back to us. This goes for non-parents as well because we want to cultivate playfulness, pleasure, and authenticity in all of us. We do that by understanding our nervous system. I’m taking us back to those early moments of ourselves and those of us who experienced those generational teachings. We believed innately that who we were was not safe. A sense of unsafety came into our body and our nervous system.

“We want to cultivate playfulness, pleasure, and authenticity in all of us. We do that by understanding our nervous system.” – Alara Sage Share on X

This is a key factor because what tends to happen then is we’re constantly protecting ourselves and creating environments where we feel that we have to act a particular way, whether that’s people pleasing, showing our confidence, or putting on masks to protect. If you’re a parent and if you want to be assisting your child, your awareness, your body, and your emotional state is imperative to assisting your child. If you’re not a parent, it goes for you as well.


How do we increase playfulness, pleasure, and authenticity on our planet? First off, it’s by acknowledging that we don’t feel safe in our authentic selves. Most people don’t even know who that truly is. I went through such a journey of, “Who am I?” I was on my knees crying, bawling, screaming, feeling deep levels of pain, disconnection, isolation, aloneness, and abandonment, and knowing that so much of this was all within me. Much of it was where I was isolating myself from who I truly was and the number of times I dropped to my knees, “Who am I? I truly desire to know myself, not just my gifts and my glory but all of me.”


It was through that devotional question and that willingness to feel the pain of abandonment and loss of self that I was able to come back into myself. That’s where we find fulfillment, love, joy, and everything we are seeking because, at the beginning of creation, an egg splits into two. We are split. We’re constantly seeking the other half of ourselves which is the self. To answer the question very clearly, acknowledging that you don’t feel safe is first and foremost, and then second is learning how to heal and regulate the nervous system. You can be in your body, power, and authentic expression. That transforms everybody in your life.


NWB 68 | Pleasure And Play
Pleasure And Play: It was through that devotional question and that willingness to feel the pain of the abandonment and loss of self that I was able to come back into myself. That’s where we find fulfillment.


I hear what you’re saying. We’re living in a society where everything is so fast. We are in this, “You need to perform,” mindset in any business but especially in the corporate world where we have metrics, anxiety, and stress. Meditation is coming to be more mainstream. Even a few years ago, people were like, “I don’t do that.” Now, athletes are advocating that they’re using meditation.


I don’t know if you’re familiar with a show called Ted Lasso. It’s a football show in England. The coach invited a therapist to talk to all of the athletes. The coach himself has panic attacks. He is dealing with panic attacks. Ted Lasso, the show itself is doing a fantastic job at bringing that awareness to mental health and the fact that people are so stressed out and have panic attacks. How do we marry the two? How do we correlate the fact that we’re so busy with our lives? Whether you’re a parent or not, married or single, our lives are busy.


I teach my clients four keys. They’re very clear and concise. They can take somebody from zero points all the way to full embodiment because they have different phases. These four keys are simple. The first one is connection. We’re always connected. We’re connected to where our focus is. If your focus is on the future or the so-called future, that’s where you’re connected.


If you’re focus is on the past, that’s where you’re connected. When you bring your focus into the moment, you bring your connection into the moment. The first one is connection. We want to be connected. The question is this. What are you connected to now? You can always take your moment, ask where you’re connected, and redirect that. It’s very simple.


The second one is breath. Our breath exists. It keeps on going, whether we’re aware of it or not, yet when we take our awareness once again to it and learn how to breathe properly, we can do different levels of breathwork that is known in the spiritual community but we don’t even have to do that. By learning how to properly breathe, give your breath awareness, and connect to your breath, you bridge the subconscious and the conscious minds and activate your vagus nerve, which is your rest and digest. It draws you into that space of letting go, that relaxation, and the release of stress chemicals and hormones by breathing. It’s something that can be done at any moment or time and happens regardless.


The third one is expression. What are you saying? How are you saying it? Are you speaking from a place of power, authenticity, and love of self? Are you speaking from hate, distrust, or judgment of yourself and others? Seeing how we’re expressing is the first step. We can take it further into learning how to powerfully use our voice to activate and command our reality.


It’s the awareness of the expression and knowing there’s so much power there. You can say out loud, “I give myself permission.” It’s one of my favorite things to express. You don’t even have to know what you’re giving yourself permission to but if you’re struggling with, “I need to relax. I need to let go,” say, “I give myself permission.” It’s so powerful and potent.


The last one is movement. Our bodies need to move. It’s the way that energy flows through us. Sometimes we need to get up and stretch. Sometimes we want to dance and go for a walk. Movement is in the moment. Move at this moment. We do a lot of sittings. Sometimes it’s just getting up, “What does my body need?” It’s giving your body some movement and breathing into your body for 1 minute or 2 minutes. Go back to your work. That’s what I love about these four keys. They’re so simple to implement in any busy schedule in anybody’s life. They are immensely powerful.


They are so powerful and simple. As you were talking, I was thinking of the connection when I’m in the past or the future. I don’t notice when I’m doing it. I’m like, “I had my phone with me. I have no idea because I’m thinking about the to-do list.” It’s very simple to be like, “I am right here. This is a perfect moment regardless of what’s happening.” The expression is powerful for me because that’s when you’re in a high-stress job expressing yourself with power to your manager or your team whatever it is what you need or what needs to get done and accomplished. If you ask for help or give help, then you’re making that connection. That’s what brings power. That alone reduces that stress and anxiety.


I love how you say that because one thing I’ve learned is women often say men aren’t listening. The interesting thing is most women do not communicate clearly. Ask precisely for what you want. That’s it, “I need this.” We’re not even speaking to men. We’re talking about the workforce. I love how you said that. If you need help, say, “I need assistance, support, and help.” What exactly is that? There’s no beating around the bush, people pleasing, describing, and explaining why you need this. Simply and clearly say, “I need this.”


I was commenting to somebody because we were at this conference. I’m like, “I’m terrible at having fun. I’m terrible at finding those joyous moments throughout the day and being like, ‘That’s a beautiful bird,’ or whatever is around me.” I’m a strategist. I collect facts and get things done. I’ve been that for my whole life. I’m desperately struggling to get away from that mindset of always having to be doing things, relaxing at the moment, and chilling out. It’s okay for me to hang out with my husband and not feel guilty. Could you imagine how ridiculous it is? It’s my off time, and I’m hanging out with my husband. I’m thinking, “I should be doing stuff and working.” Do you have any recommendations for high performers that feel that constant need to be doing things for work?


I love it so much that you bring this up. It’s who I work with. First off, I give myself permission. I like to speak to myself in the third party, “I give you permission.” Take that breath. Step away from whatever you’re doing and create a moment to move and walk away from it without any expectation. It doesn’t need to look like anything. One of the things we have is playfulness, “What does that look like? How do I do it? Let me write it down and mark that off. I’ve been playful.”


NWB 68 | Pleasure And Play
Pleasure And Play: Take that breath, step away from whatever you’re doing, and just create a moment to move or walk away from it without any expectation.


It becomes another thing we have to do. Instead, breathe. You have permission. Step away and allow nothing and everything to occur at that moment. Give yourself permission to go back. The more you make that space, whether it’s 1 minute, 2 minutes, or 10 minutes, the more you will start to be like, “I got this intuitive hit. I’m going to do this.” It will come through you. That’s the authentic expression.


I was chuckling because I could picture myself being like, “Now is the time to relax. I have to relax. It’s on the to-do thing.” Could you give me an example or two of one of your clients that you may have worked with to teach them how to relax? You already mentioned your four keys. How did that go? What was the result?


One of my favorites is I have this lawyer client who is very much on top of her game. Her father was a good lawyer. She has taken pride in her work. There’s nothing wrong with that. We all can find that worthiness. At the same time, she found that her life had this lackluster feel to it. In work, she had accomplished that, and there’s so much beauty there but outside of work, what was there? There’s this feeling of not being seen at work, even though she was good at what she did.


It’s through teaching the four keys and her learning how to connect with her body because she did not feel safe in her body and her nervous system. When we don’t feel safe, we go up into the mind, mind-eff ourselves, and do this constantly. That has been my experience as well. We got her out of this mind-effing and down into her body. She radically transformed her life. She’s still a lawyer. She still loves her job but she created all this spaciousness.


Her life started magically falling into place where all of these things started occurring that started to re-fulfill her in these ways. She sold her house and moved. She was supporting her mother. She assisted her mother through her passing, which was so deeply healing for her. She connected to some new friends and a new relationship and called in a man. It was one thing after the other. She still has her work, and she’s still a powerful lawyer but she has found this balance in her body.


That is incredible. I got the chills thinking that is a possibility for all women that are so overworked both at work and home. Whether you’re a parent or not, we’re so busy but those four keys are back to you feeling safe. Feeling safe is important, especially at work. I’m sure you’ve heard of the term psychological safety at work. We also had a session on people with disabilities and people that are in the queer community that doesn’t feel safe at work.


One of the things that the speaker for the queer community said is that the most terrifying question at work for someone in the closet is, “How was your weekend? What did you do this weekend?” “Do I disclose that I have my partner? Do I disclose whatever the situation is?” It was one of those a-ha moments, “How awful is that?” There was another gentleman that was physically disabled with no arms and legs. He had gotten a job. He was hired. He said, “Can you please tell me where my office is?” They said, “Upstairs.” He started working years ago. This was way before the Disabilities Act.


It was two flights of stairs with no arms and legs, “How am I supposed to get upstairs?” He got the job. He was doing very well. They finally made an accommodation for him to put his office on the first floor two and a half years later. The bathroom was downstairs. He was extremely resilient. He built an entire life, and now he’s an entrepreneur. He’s married. He has kids but there are the struggles that people have to deal with in going to work, not being their authentic selves, and not being safe. We need to do better.


When we feel safe, we create a space for others to feel safe because we have a level of vulnerability that we’re naturally expressing. To me, vulnerability has nothing to do with other people. Vulnerability is a willingness to see ourselves fully. When we allow that, we are naturally vulnerable to others as well. We create the space, “I feel so safe with you.” I get that all the time. People come and talk to me. They’re like, “I feel like I could tell you anything. My nervous system is relaxing as I’m talking to you,” and because of my sense of safety in my nervous system and myself, it’s always going to create that container.


That is the most beautiful gift we could ever give anybody and all those people who are questioning themselves and working through these beautiful circumstances that you brought forth to hold the vibration because it’s a sense of energy. Holding that vibration of safety within ourselves is felt by others. Working in a business, a corporation, or anything like that, if you are a leader, and you exhibit a sense of safety, first off, you magnetize people into your space. They want to show up. Their gifts come out of them. They blossom by being with you.


I do agree. I feel safe with you. Have this very calming presence about you because I’m all like, “I have to get stuff done.” You’re like, “I’m here. I’m chilling.” I love that about you. I’m going to ask you a little bit about yourself. How did you get into this work? Tell me a little bit about your story and how you’re now this beautiful healer that is changing the world. With your work, you can change the mindsets of people. Specifically, I need to be more centered and more playful. That’s the exact word. I need to figure out how to have more fun. Tell me about you. How did you get to where you are now?


There’s so much that has happened but I’m going to pull out some pieces in correspondence to our talk. I was that little girl who was shut down. I imploded on myself. I was extremely creative. I was very artistic. I wrote story after story. Stories and poems spewed out of me. However, I didn’t feel safe. I started feeling unsafe in school because I felt like people were rapidly progressing past me. I didn’t understand social communication, human socialness, and everything that was happening so fast through middle school and then into high school.


I went more inward. I had many friends deeply betray me. I kept closing down until many years later, I found myself in “the perfect life.” I had a great husband. We were a wonderful team. We never fought. We got along so wonderfully. We had kids. We had a beautiful house. From the outside, everybody that knew us thought everything was perfect. We were inspirations to others as we were often told yet I was dead inside. It gets me every time I say it.


I realized that even the things that supposedly I enjoyed brought me no joy. I was like, “I should be enjoying this, and it’s not enjoyable.” It’s more enjoyable than some things but it’s not like I’m like, “This feels so good.” It wasn’t. I had a very powerful Kundalini awakening. This blew me open. I knew that I needed to change my life dramatically. This is me. I’m a dramatic person.


I got a divorce and left an illusion of comfort for a very unknown energy, future, and life, knowing pretty much in my heart that I needed to do it. It was the saving of myself. I love my ex-husband. We have a wonderful relationship. It wasn’t about our relationship. It was me. I went on this journey of who I am and released so much shame that I had taken on of feeling unworthy, inadequate, useless, and inferior, my wounding with the feminine, and all of this deep energy within myself.


Each time, there’s more of myself and those little breadcrumbs of, “There she is.” Every time I would reach one of those, it would inspire me to keep opening up because it is a challenging journey but when we hit those pieces of ourselves, it’s home. It’s that realization and being seen and seeing ourselves. Every time I would hit that little nugget, it would inspire me to keep going on the journey to this point of this real feeling of home within myself and deep love beyond the emotion of love or the experience of love with everybody and everything that I come in contact with.


It’s the true energy of wealth and success in how that’s the moment. That’s love expressed through us. That’s what wealth is. That’s what success truly is. It’s how love desires to be expressed through our unique fractal of consciousness and God of source. It’s this very playful, embodied, and joyous space for me and this bliss of assisting other people. That’s such a cherry on top.


How did you start reaching out to people to let them know that you could help them heal some of those wounds that are coming from long ago?


It was interesting because I was an animal physical therapist. I did physical therapy for horses. I worked on their bodies. Horses have been an intricate part of my life. They started teaching me energy healing. I had angels show up. All these beings were showing up and teaching me the stuff. I was like, “Is this even real?” At one point, the horse was entranced. Its tongue was hanging out, and his head was all down. It was drooling on itself.


I had the archangel Raphael come in. It was very symbolic because they’re big beings. He symbolically placed his wings and reached over. His wings touched the horse. As soon as it touched it, the horses shot up, licked, chewed, and then relaxed. To me, that was like, “This is real.” I wasn’t touching the horse at the time. Nothing was happening except that experience. I see. I believe. The horses started communicating with me. I became an animal communicator. As I was in love with, “I’ll help animals for my whole life,” the message came through, “You’re going to start helping humans.” I was like, “I’ll stick to the animals.”


You’re like, “No, thank you.”


In a session, people would call me. There was this one experience. This woman was like, “My dog won’t stop barking.” The energy went straight to her. I saw her throat chakra, her husband, and all of it. At that time, it was hard for me because they were calling me about their dog. I was like, “Is there something you’re not expressing to your husband?” She was like, “Yes.” I was like, “When you express that, your dog will stop.” She contacted me weeks later, “You won’t believe it. It worked.” It exploded from there. I finally surrendered, “I will help people.”


I do believe in angels and the universe. You are exactly where you’re supposed to be. You’re perfect as you are. All of us human beings are. Sometimes we judge ourselves and talk so poorly and terribly to ourselves. It has to start with us. A lot of times, I hear people say, “I can’t find anybody to marry or have a relationship with.” I’m like, “How is your relationship with yourself?” That’s the big question mark because if you don’t have at least a loving, kind, and generous relationship with yourself regardless of who you are, how you look, how much you earn, and all that stuff, then how do you expect anybody else to love you for who you are? All that work starts with us.


When you finally feel that you are whole and complete, that’s when love shows up. That’s when you attract people. You can bring that wholeness into the workplace. That’s where you start becoming powerful with expression, connection, and breathwork. This has been fantastic. I love everything that we have been talking about. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s fantastic that you started working with animals, and then now you’re working with humans. Do you still work with animals?


I don’t. I’m 100% devoted. I do in play. I have a lot of horses in this community. I spend time with them and love them.


We lost our mini Goldendoodle, Oakley. He was about to turn eight in March 2023. It was a kidney disease. He went very fast. It was unexpected. We miss him so much. He brought that joy and playfulness to my husband and me because now we’re empty nesters. We miss him terribly. Eventually, we will get another dog. I wanted to ask you. You’ve already given us your four pillars of what to do. Are there maybe two final tips that you could leave us with for that woman in the corporate world that’s trying to empower herself to continue to advance in her career?


The first one that comes through is your intention. A lot of times, people speak of affirmations. I find affirmations to be very powerful. We can bring an intention. If you wake up every day and think of an intention, whether it’s the same intention every single day or you bring in a different one, and when you speak that out loud to yourself, “My intention is,” you are bringing that into form. It’s so powerful. Let go and say, “My intention is.” It’s like, “I need. I want.”


This is the second tip. Let go, my loves. Let go of the expectation of the how and the when. It’s going to show up. It’s going to be revealed to you because immediately, what happens is that our minds start to create all this, “That’s my intention. This is how it’s going to come in.” We do it without even realizing we are doing it. When we set the intention, say it out loud, stop, breathe, and with our breath, exhale, and let it go out of our space.


It is no longer our responsibility. That’s the beauty of magic. There is your higher self and your higher mind. Being you will begin the process of bringing it into your reality if you allow it, hands off. Use that exhale to let it go and then carry on through your day. If it comes into your awareness, “There you are, my intention,” love it. Give it love, focus, and awareness, and exhale it again out of your space.

“Set the intention, say it out loud, stop, and breathe. With your breath, exhale, and let it go out of your space. It is no longer your responsibility.” – Alara Sage Share on X

Thank you so much for all of the sharing that you’ve done. Your two tips were fantastic because they bring us to our intention. When you speak it out loud, it makes it even more powerful instead of thinking it or writing it down. You could do all three. Think about it, write it down, and then speak it out loud. That makes a big difference as well. The second one is to release. Let it go.


That’s huge because we hold on to things so much. As an example, my husband and I are trying to downsize because our kids are gone. We’re trying to build a ranch. We have our plan. We found a lot. We put in an offer and then realized that the lot would not sustain the specific plan that we needed. My husband and I were talking about it. He’s like, “Should we buy it? Should we not?”


I’m like, “I don’t want to settle for something. I don’t want to try to put a square peg in a round hole and make this house that we both know that we’re going to love because it’s going to be the first house that we get together.” I was divorced. I moved into his house now. It’s going to be our home. We settled for this lot. We have been looking for a couple of years now. I’m like, “It will come when it’s supposed to come. I wholeheartedly believe that.”


I was at this conference. He called me, “I need to talk to you.” It was like, “It’s not a big deal. There’s more land out there.” I have to admit. I was bummed but then I was able to be like, “God, Jesus, or Holy Spirit, it wasn’t meant to be, and that’s okay.” That’s a little bit of me letting go. Thank you again so much for your time. This was a lovely conversation. You gave us so much. I appreciate you so much. I will let you say any final words.


I want to give you a gift, Rosie. Close your eyes for a moment. I’m calling in the highest potentiality into this moment now. I call this in from my deep desire from my heart and my womb. I call this in with my voice. With my voice, I speak into existence this parcel of land for Rosie and her husband. With my voice, I speak into existence this home or this space that feels so aligned to them individually and together as a couple. With my voice, I speak into existence the highest potentiality into the physical reality for Rosie. By the perfection of the Divine Trinity, it is done.


Thank you so much for that. That felt so right and lovely to me. I appreciate it so much. Alara, thank you so much for this time that we have spent and all of your gifts. I appreciate you so much. Have a good day.


Thank you.

Alara has a soothing, powerful, and intentional way about her. I felt much better after I had a conversation with her. Alara gives us four keys to embodying presence. The first is connection, breath, expression, and movement. Those are the key takeaways from my conversation with her. I know that if I don’t make it a point to work out in the morning, more than likely it’s not going to happen. For me, it’s important to do that workout in the morning.


She also tells us that we need to incorporate playfulness and pleasure into our days. It’s summer in Chicago. I’ve been going outside in my backyard and putting my computer up. I work out there and have all the stuff that I need. It’s so re-energizing for me to be out in the sun and have fun. That’s the way I’m having fun lately. Alara gives us two great tips. Tip 1) Live with intention. She says, “Speak your intention out loud.” Whatever it is that you’re working on, say it out loud.


Tip 2) When you say that intention out loud, then let it go. Don’t have any expectations on when it’s going to happen or how it’s going to happen. Say whatever your intention is and let it go because the universe is going to find a way to get it done. Trust me. I am a believer in that same situation. She’s also going to be releasing a podcast of her own in August 2023. Her podcast is going to be conversations and interviews to help you learn how to experience an ecstatic, fulfilling, and authentic life.


As a reminder, don’t forget to take my free quiz, which are three ways in which you may be sabotaging your career development. It’s very important for you to take that quiz so that you know what you need to work on. With that, I hope you had a great time reading. Remember to be brave, be bold, and take action.


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