Live Debt-Free: The Five Pillars Of Financial Freedom With DeShena Woodard

NWB 36 | Financial Freedom

Your debt is keeping you from financial freedom. If the money you earn all goes to your debt, what then is left for you to keep and grow? In today’s episode, Rosie Zilinskas sits down with someone who has the experience and wisdom to help you get rid of your debt. DeShena Woodard is a Registered Nurse […]

Shifting From Skillset To Mindset With Bernadette Boas

NWB 35 | From Skillset To Mindset

We spend too much time focused on what our resume looks like and what skills, accolades, and certifications we have. But none of those matter if you don’t have the confidence and self-appreciation that allows you to harness all those skills and talents. Bernadette Boas, executive coach at Ball of Fire Coaching, talks to us […]

Hyper-Achieving: How To Succeed In Both Your Career And Your Life With Carla Reeves

NWB 34 | Work Life Balance

Are you someone who is striving to achieve a work-life balance? Someone who wants to achieve professional success without compromising important relationships? Someone who aims to be fulfilled in both your career and your life? Then this podcast is for you. Today, Carla Reeves discusses what being a hyper-achiever is and how you can achieve a work-life […]

Running Your Business Like An Effective Boss With Kate Walker

NWB 33 | Effective Boss

A lot of employees leave their job because of their boss. Communication is key to a great employee-boss relationship. Employees want to know their purpose and goal for doing their job, so the boss has to make that clear. An effective boss is visible and transparent with all his/her employees. So if you’re the boss […]

Life After Your Pretty Divorce With Marie Mosley

NWB 32 | Divorce

Not many people would define divorce as pretty but today’s guest has a different perspective. Marie Mosley is the author of the book called Pretty Divorce, which takes us on a journey through Marie’s life, beginning with several significant family losses and her being a teenage mom to surviving a 25-year toxic relationship that ended […]

Inclusion And Equity: How Women Can Affect Change With Julia Geisman

NWB 30 | Inclusion And Equity

It is a competitive world. But even with our differences, we can foster an inclusive culture where everyone is given opportunities to make an equal contribution. But where do we start? Founder & CEO of CareerAgility LLC, Julia Geisman joins Rosie Zilinskas to discuss the different facets of culture. She talks about the importance of […]

Bringing Transgender Equality And Benefits To The Workplace With Mary Ann Horton

NWB 31 | Transgender Equality

Deciding to come out or transition can be tough. It takes a lot of courage to finally become who you really are. If you are thinking of taking this significant step in your life, this episode might just offer you the inspiration you need! Join Rosie Zilinskas as she talks to transgender activist, author, internet […]

Cultivating Self-Esteem And Overcoming Fear Of Failure With Clarissa Burt

NWB 29 | Self-Esteem

  Often bombarded by high levels of pressure, unrealistic expectations, and unwanted comments, women in corporate tend to suffer from imposter syndrome. Their self-esteem is either depleted or completely drained, making them afraid to take risks or chase their goals. To address this unfortunate reality, Clarissa Burt presents her concept of HIGH: living with honesty, […]

How Women Should Act At C-Suite Levels With Ulrike Seminati

NWB 28 | C-Suite

Men and their powerful bravado usually dominate C-suite positions. Women at such levels often hide or completely lose their femininity just to fit in. They become afraid to break through glass ceilings so men can find them acceptable. Ulrike Seminati believes this should not be the case, as the women’s perspective brings so much to […]

How To Prevent Burnout And Live Life In Harmony With Dr. Sandra Lewis

NWB 27 | Burnout

  Burnout has been a buzzword in workplaces in recent years. But burnout goes deeper than just exhaustion and disengagement with work. Dr. Sandra Lewis is here to talk about burnout, what it means, and how to prevent it. She is a personal energy strategist who combines research-based strategies with ancient wisdom and turns them […]