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If you are happy with complacency, stop reading!

I suddenly froze while checking out a YouTube video. My jaw practically hit the floor. According to Linda Babcock, author of “Women Don’t Ask,” women can make more than $2M LESS THAN a male throughout a career lifetime simply by not negotiating! I was watching a YouTube video of Professor Babcock explaining this shocking statistic. […]

The biggest mistake of your career!

I often meet amazing women, and I think, “I want to be just like her when I grow up!” I then wonder what made this remarkable woman who she is today? What is her secret?  I always arrive at the same magic ingredient. Before I tell you what the magic ingredient is, let me ask […]

Personal Branding And Moving Up The Corporate Ladder With Heather H. Bennett

  Your branding is what makes you unique. But in a world with vast information online, how do you stand out and establish your personal branding? Marketing strategist and Creative Brand Coach Heather H. Bennett joins us in this episode to talk about redefining your purpose, mission, and strategy. She sits down with Rosie Zilinskas to share her […]