Helping Teens Prepare For Their Future With Michelle Mehta

NWB 18 Michelle | Helping Teens

Teens easily succumb to anxiety and depression, alcohol and drugs, and even bullying. As parents, providing support, helping them prepare for their future, and guiding them will help them avoid being led astray by predators of social problems. Today, certified life coach Michelle Mehta shares some advice if we want to see teens step into the workforce […]

Creating Connections With Susan MacConnell

  Creating connections is what drives us in life. The same thing can also be a path to professional success.  Join Rosie Zilinskas and her guest, Susan MacConnell, the co-founder of Diversified Sales Solutions. Susan discusses how communication and emotional intelligence can work for you, and how building a network can inspire success. Tune in […]

Growing Your Family And Business Through Setting Boundaries With Stacy Kahan

  As an entrepreneur, you want to thrive in your business while making time for your family too. In this episode, Stacy Kahan shares her professional journey on setting boundaries for personal and professional growth. She left the corporate world to start her business because she wanted a balance between her work and family life. […]

The Power Of Negotiation In Unleashing Your Real Value With Monica Faberman

  In these trying times, a lot of people are losing their jobs and that creates fear resulting in a demand for salary increase or looking for other jobs. But our guest, Monica Faberman believes that you should be able to negotiate your true value to the company especially if you feel undervalued based on […]

Carving Your Own Path To A Successful Career With Somtip Brunner

What are important defining principles you need to be aware of as you try to build a successful career? Here to share hers is Somtip Brunner. Somtip is an insurance professional serving ultra-high net worth clientele with over 15 years of experience serving families of significant wealth in real estate, hospitality, and private wealth management. […]

How To Be A Compassionate Leader With Manjiri Gokhale Joshi

Why is being a compassionate leader crucial to the team’s success?  Rosie Zilinskas sits with Manjiri Gokhale Joshi, the Founder Director at Maya CARE. Manjiri shares how compassion allows you to identify who to lead. Leaders can waste time and energy leading people who don’t want to be led. That’s why you need to spend […]

Gender Equality: Changing The System For Diversity And Inclusion With Laurie Battaglia

  Talk of gender equality has been growing throughout the years, but how much of that has translated into practice in the workplace? How are businesses keeping up with the ever-evolving conversation regarding diversity, equality, and inclusion? In this episode, Laurie Battaglia sits down with Rosie Zilinskas to discuss the leadership required to transform the […]

A Millennial’s Perspective On Career And Office Culture With Krista Scott

  A new workforce generation is shaking how businesses tackle culture and career advancement in the workplace. Millennials are unafraid to demand what they deserve and know what they are worth. Here to shed more light on the matter is Krista Scott. Krista currently works as Senior P&C Middle Market Underwriter at The Hartford and is the Vice […]

Helping Women In The Workforce With Jane Wesman

  If you’re a woman who’s just entering the workforce, you will find a myriad of obstacles standing in your way to success. Learn how to speak up for yourself especially in a male-dominant environment. Join Rosie Zilinskas as she talks to Jane Wesman about what holds women back in progressing in their business. Jane […]

Diversity, Inclusion And Overcoming Adversity With Kim Pipkin

  If there’s one thing that you need to take away from this episode, it’s overcoming adversity. The world is full of people with different beliefs, and they will try to bring you down, exclude you, and tease you so you need to be prepared to overcome that. If you can do that, you’ll be […]