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Dress For Success: Powerful Techniques To Dress In The Corporate World With Robyn Balsley

How we show up matters, and the way we dress is our first opportunity to create an impactful impression. Robyn Balsley is a great believer in this. With her many years in sales, she understands too well that it takes just seven seconds to make a first impression. Therefore, it is so important that we dress the part. In this episode, she sits down with Rosie Zilinskas to help us rummage our closets so we can dress for success. She shares techniques on how women can do that in the corporate world, even in today’s virtual setting. Robyn also discusses the concept called enclothed cognition, highlighting the effects of your clothing on your mood and productivity. Join this style expert and image coach as she takes the stress out of getting dressed so you can step into your confidence each day and be energized to achieve your goals. Find your professional style today!

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Dress For Success: Powerful Techniques To Dress In The Corporate World With Robyn Balsley

Wouldn’t it be great if you had no stress when you’re getting dressed on a daily basis? For this episode, I have Robyn Balsley, who is going to share with us some techniques on how to dress for success, how to take the stress out of dressing, and what people are doing these days when it comes to dressing for a virtual environment in the corporate world.   Let me tell you a little bit about Robyn. She says, “How we show up each day matters.” With Robyn’s many years in sales, she understands too well that it takes seven seconds to make a first impression. Women’s lives shift through job changes and life events and it is so important that we dress the part. As a style expert image coach, she takes the stress out of getting dressed so that you can step into your confidence each day and be energized to achieve your goals. Stay tuned for this awesome conversation with Robyn.

Robyn, thank you so much for being here on the show. I’m excited to talk to you. I know that it takes a few seconds to make a first impression. Do you know why it takes so few seconds to make a first impression?   First of all, thank you so much, Rosie, for having me. It’s who we are. As human beings, that’s how we are and we quickly make judgments. It’s the way our minds work and that’s how it happens. It’s very simple. Would you call yourself a stylist or what is the primary title that you would give yourself since you operate in helping women dress for success essentially?   I call myself a professional personal stylist because I do gear towards the professional woman. There’s such a niche there. That’s why I even got into this business, to begin with. It’s seeing that as women as we elevate in our careers and up-level. Things change and we need to show up differently. I found that people weren’t doing that. Being in sales for so many years, I know about how we show up makes a difference. The show primarily caters to women in the corporate world. Many companies have experienced hybrid or even remote work. One of the things that is stressful these days is trying to figure out how to still make an impression over video. Can you tell us a little bit about what your recommendations are to still show up as an individual that wants to be successful, yet still have that stigma of working from home and sometimes working from your couch and pajamas? What would you say to the person that’s trying to advance in their career and has that situation?   During COVID, I did a lot of research on this because most of us were in our sweats every day and our mental attitude was struggling. Clearly, the world was closed down, so it was a lot to take on. I found that when those days that I got up and got dressed, it made a difference. I shared that a lot in my social media and a lot of my clients were doing it and they could tell the difference. There’s a mental phenomenon called enclothed cognition. What we dress in is how our mental attitude and how we approach the day. A great example of that is when we put on our workout clothes, our mind knows we’re going to go workout and it has that mindset. If we’re in sweats, our mind thinks that we’re going to be relaxing and taking it easy. It shifts a little bit but when we get up and get dressed for work. Even if you’re working from home, get up and get dressed as if you’re going to the office because your productivity and how you approach the day will be so much better and you will feel so much better. That is so interesting that the way you dress impacts your mood. You’ve done a lot of research and stuff like that but do you know any statistics or anything like that points to how productivity is correlated with how you dress?   There are some numbers and it goes anywhere between 20% and 40% of what we are showing up as makes a difference and how we get through the day. I not only work with individuals. I work with teams. We see that teams approach it differently when they have a dress code or know how they’re supposed to show up every day. there’s a 40% in that with teams. What would you recommend to someone? A lot of people are not doing their full hair and full makeup. Are there any simple tips or strategies that you use with your clients that will help women in the corporate world to advance in their careers but not have to do the whole hair and makeup thing, especially every day over the camera?   It’s not necessary. I do say, “Always be ready to turn your camera on.” If you get that last-minute call and someone wants to jump on a call and get on the camera, be ready for that. You don’t have to have your hair made up and you can still look decent. It’s doing simple things that you can wear a more fitted jogger on the bottom but wear a nicer sweater or even a blouse with your joggers. At least, you’d feel a little bit more elevated. You still have to put a top on, so it makes it very simple. That’s a very easy way to do it. You can wear glasses that can help hide if you don’t have a lot of makeup on that. That’s a tip that I use. You can even do your hair from the front if you want to be that simple with it. You can put a few curls in your hair or however, you wear your hair. You can make sure the front is framed and looks nice, and a little lipstick. It’s good if you can get all dressed but some days, we don’t want to do that and that’s okay. At least, we’re up-leveling. As we are advancing in our careers too, we got to dress up for the roles that we want and who we want to be as well. Showing up in sweats and we want to go for this new promotion, you’re not going to feel it. You’re not going to feel it or it doesn’t correlate to what I always say, act, or do the job that you want to have even before you have that job. How do you think people have changed the way they dress over the last couple of years because of the pandemic?   It’s been a real struggle because so many people are working hybrid. One day you’re in the office, one day you’re at home, and it’s very confusing. A great example is I have some clients that are in the financial world. Know your audience and who your clients are and how they’re dressing, so you want to mirror them. That’s important. Clearly, if they’re a real casual and they’re all wearing jeans and T-shirts, you don’t want to do that. You always want to be a little bit step up from your client but not too much. It’s much more casual, so it can be very confusing. That’s where a lot of my clients are. I’m working through that with them because it’s so confusing. Your specialty is to take the stress out of getting dressed on a daily basis. What are some things that you do with your clients to go through that process of taking the stress out of getting dressed every day for the office or even virtually now?   What I always say is that my work with a client always starts in your closet. How many of us open our closets every single day and say we have nothing to wear? It’s false that we have nothing to wear. that’s the best place to start. It’s clearing out some of that clutter so it’s not so overwhelming. Things have shifted. Maybe you don’t need those suits anymore. Maybe you remove those from your closet or keep the blazer that you can add to the pair of jeans. Simplifying your wardrobe is huge. It makes a huge difference. A tip that I share with a lot of my clients is to put a little basket in your closet and if you wear something you don’t feel good in it, put it in that basket and don’t hang it back up then donate it after a couple of months. We tend to keep putting things back in our closets. They don’t serve us, feel good and we don’t feel better when we’re wearing them. It all starts in our closet in simplifying. I do have that basket in my closet, Robyn, because as you said, sometimes I wear something and I’m like, “I hate this.” I wear a lot of cardigans. I’m warm-blooded and so I want a little cardigan but with the cardigans, they get pitted after like 1 year or 2. I always have to replace them and on one side, I’m like, “I don’t like the way this feels anymore. I’ll wear it and I’ll throw it in that basket,” because you’re right. If I don’t feel good in a piece of clothing, I’m self-conscious and who wants to be self-conscious? When you’re home and you’re like, “I don’t like this top or whatever.”   You pop on the Zoom and the camera goes on then you’re like, “I don’t like the way this looks on me.” That’s a big difference too now. We see ourselves a lot more than we used to. We used to look at ourselves in the mirror, leave the house and that’s probably the last time you look at yourself all day. Now we’re seeing ourselves constantly throughout the day. We’re more critical of ourselves and even more so important to wear something you look and feel good in. That is a good point because you’re right. I’m remote every day now but when I would go to the office, I would put my lipstick on. I put it on in the morning and I never reapplied for the rest of the day because I don’t think about it. I go to the bathroom in the afternoon, I’m like, “That’s what I look like? I swear I put makeup on this morning,” and throughout the day, you get tired and you can see the difference between your makeup at the end of the day and the beginning of the day. You’re right, you are on camera and yourself all the time.   It’s such a huge confidence boost. When you feel good about what you’re wearing, your confidence sores. I say that all the time, I help my clients step into their confidence. “When you feel good in what you're wearing, your confidence just soars.” – Robyn Balsley Share on X It’s just how comfortable you are. When you say, “Go into your closet,” that’s very easy to say. What are some simple, streamlined strategies? We all know about Marie Kondo. If you have something and you love it, keep it and if you don’t, toss it out. What are some simple streamlined strategies that you use with your clients? By the way, do you consult with your clients online or is it in person?   I do both because of the world we live in now. I do a lot of virtual styling and I can help you get in your closet like this on Zoom. We can go together in your closet. I’ve done a lot of that but then there are clients that are local that I work with face-to-face. The simplest thing to start with and this is an easy thing to do, is to turn all your hangers backward. It’s on the rod and normally, they’re facing this way but turn it backward where the open face of the hangers at looking at you. When you wear something, you turn it around. Very quickly you will see what you’re wearing because if the hangers turned around, you know you’ve worn that. It’s the 80/20 rule. We wear 20% of what’s in our closet. That’s a simple way to see what you’re wearing and another way to try to start streamlining as well. You put your pants together and your shirts together and your jackets together and keep it all organized but even still, it’s still going to feel overwhelming. We don’t have ten hours to go in our closet and clean it all out. If we start taking baby steps, you’ll be surprised how quickly you start moving things out. My son graduated from college and he moved to Arizona. Now I have his whole closet. I did think about taking all of my clothes and putting them there. As I use them, then hang him in my closet and everything over in his, that’s what I should donate. I was like, “I could use his closet,” but we need those simple strategies to figure out what we wear and what we don’t wear. I don’t know if I’m the only one to do this but I still have stuff in my closet with tags on it. It’s like something that I’m like, “I’ll wear it.” It was a cheap deal. I was like, “I could probably use that.” I’m so bad at having stuff in my closet that still has tags on him. It’s terrible.   There are some mental parts to that though. We all have a lot of stories and there’s a lot in our closets. It’s a different life we lived or possibly that we bought something that was too expensive and maybe it was expensive but we never wore it. Not that it was too expensive but every time you see that, you feel like, “Why did I buy that?” Take it away. If you’re not wearing it, give it to somebody else who can wear and love it or take it to consignment. The other big piece to that is I feel like we hold on to things like if we’ve gained weight or we’ve lost weight. We think, “We’re going to lose that weight.” Every time you see those pants that you don’t fit in, it’s a mental game. You’re like, “I still haven’t lost the 10 pounds from COVID.” Embrace the body you have now and love it because we’re so hard on ourselves as women. “Embrace the body you have now and love it. ” – Robyn Balsley Share on X I love what you said because you’re right. Not even necessarily weight but I have some nice blazers and jackets that were heavier material. Now because I am in full-blown menopause, they’re too hot. I’m like, “They’re nice jackets. Maybe I’ll wear them eventually,” but I’m so warm-blooded now, so you’re right. I generally have wooden hangers in my closet. For some reason, I have now plastic hangers, wood hangers, and dry cleaner hangers and I hate those dry cleaner hangers.   I told my daughter, I’m like, “I’m doing an episode and the closet is a mess.” I’m usually better about purging like every 3 to 6 months but this time has been a little bit longer. I can tell when I haven’t taken the time to purge things that I don’t like. It’s not just my closet but my drawer dressers are deep. The pajamas that I wear are all on top and then there’s all this stuff on the bottom line. I don’t know what’s under there. I did take that stuff out and go through it.   The closet seems so overwhelming. Are there any suggestions that you have? What are some techniques that you recommend to your clients when they think, “I need an entire closed closet overhaul?” I know you said about the hangers but are there any other techniques that you use? Maybe do the pants one day or do all the shirts one day. What else do you have as far as the tricks about that?   You touched on what you’re talking about doing with your son’s closet. You can start with your pants and take them all out of your closet and look at them one by one. Try them on. Maybe block out 30 minutes or an hour. You’re going to just work on your pants and anything that’s too tight or it’s pulling on you, do not put it back in your closet. You could do it by category. That’s a simple way to start tackling it. It’s not so overwhelming. When I work with a client, we take the entire closet out then we start putting things back in. We have to donate and that’s the other thing too. You can have a donate pile. Some things are trash and they’re not worth saving and then there are some things that maybe need to go to the tailor or need to be ironed. I sound very dated when I say iron. They need to go to the cleaners, let’s say that. You’re not dating yourself as far as ironing. To me, ironing is one of those things that I anomaly know because I love ironing. I have ironing parties with myself. I have a basket of all the stuff that I want to iron and then once a month, I’ll iron all my clothes. I’ll put 2 or 3 movies on. It’ll be like a five-hour process but I’ll iron a few things and I’ll sit down and watch the piece of movie. I iron some stuff and I sit down. My husband knows that I’ll be ironing all day but it’s more therapeutic than anything else for me. What about someone that doesn’t think that they have a style? Do you work with people that think, “Robyn, I want to do something with my closet but I don’t know what my style is?” What do you say to somebody like that?   This is what I found and I’ve been doing this for a few years now. Whenever I get in someone’s closet, everyone has a style and they don’t even know it but they do. They always have gems in their closet that they love and picked out themselves. I’ve never seen someone not being able to do that. The best thing you can do though is to go onto Pinterest or online and you’ll see people’s styles that you like. You can start gravitating toward that. Let’s say you like the way Jennifer Aniston dresses. You can see elements of her style. She wears jeans with a blazer or whatever it might be. Start looking and noticing what you see. Pinterest again is a great place to do that to look at different styles. Let’s say you have a red jacket in your closet and you don’t know how to wear it. You feel like you don’t know your style with that. Type in Pinterest, outfits with a red blazer and you’ll get a ton of ideas on how to re-wear something. I’m a big believer in shopping your closet. We have those gems in our closet that we do have style around. Let’s embrace that and start building around that.
NWB 63 | Dress For Success
Dress For Success: Shop in your closet. We have those gems in our closet that we do have to style around. Let’s embrace that and just start building around that.
I love that idea. I would never think to do styles with a red jacket. I’m a visual person. I can’t imagine styles or whatever. As a matter of fact, when I need to go buy clothing because I hate that whole process of shopping, I always bring my 22-year-old daughter with me like, “Come shopping with me.” It’s interesting because she will pick out some pieces for me. We went shopping because I needed a dress. It was more like a talk and she picked out this lavender dress that I would’ve never picked out but it fit perfectly. She’s like, “You see, Mom?” It is so interesting to do an idea like that with Pinterest because again, I can’t visualize it but once I see it, I’m like, “I like that.”   Again, that’s how you see your style. You’ll start seeing the rhythm of it. It’s amazing how quickly you can start building that wardrobe that fits your style because we do this a ton. We buy one-offs that don’t go with anything else in our closet. We have a speaking gig. I’m going to get a new outfit for that or I’m going to get a new shirt. It doesn’t go with anything else in our closet or might be that item that still has the tags on it because you never wore it. My big rule around that is don’t buy anything if it doesn’t go with three things in your closet because it clearly is not your style but we are panicked. We want to buy it. We got to get something new. We don’t necessarily have to. Shop your closet first. Here’s my downfall with what you said. I can’t remember or imagine what I have in my closet. What do you recommend for somebody like me? I’m at the store and I like a shirt. I can’t remember everything that I have in my closet. How would I be able to think, “It matches with three things in my closet?”   One of the things a lot of my clients start doing when we do a closet cleanse is I help them create new outfits. We take photos of those outfits. You can do a selfie. If you’re wearing something that you feel fabulous in, take a selfie in it and keep a little album on your phone. You have a separate album of your outfits because those outfits that you wear a lot or you’re going to see what you have and it’ll blend easily. That is a perfect idea because I can take a selfie no problem and I know how to make albums now on my iPhone. What I tell a lot of people is, you can even put the phone over your face if you’re not feeling it that day. Put your phone over your face and take the photo. You can lay it out on the bed too. You can lay it out all the pieces on the bed and take it that way. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on you. It’s a great way to start building that then you can start shopping with intention. That’s a big one for me. You’ve given me some great ideas on how I can shuffle the closet. You said that you’ve been doing this styling thing for a few years. What were you doing before that?   I was in corporate sales. I’ve always had a love of fashion since I was in my early twenties. I always learned how to be savvy with the way I bought clothes because I was starting out my career. From that, I built that closet with all these clothes that never worked because I had too much stuff then I started streamlining it. I was doing it on my own and about a few years ago, I started seeing women showing up in a way that they weren’t showing their best selves. I was at a conference and we broke off in groups of two and this woman didn’t look put together. I started talking to her and she was brilliant. She was the CEO of the company. It’s how we show up and I’m guilty. I made that instant three-second opinion. How do people generally approach you? How do they find you? If I’m struggling and I put stylists, I don’t know what to look for. How do people generally find you?   A lot of referrals for me too is one thing. If you look for a personal stylist, I like to put that professional in there because I feel like that’s what we’re trying to figure out. How do we dress professionally? Especially now, because it is so much more difficult. You can google that. I’m on various platforms where you could find me. If you’re looking for someone local or something, you want to look for a personal stylist. We have this image that a personal stylist work with the rich and famous but there’s a lot out there that is working from the inside out and helping you feel beautiful. There are a lot of personal stylists out there that can do that for you.
NWB 63 | Dress For Success
Dress For Success: A lot of personal stylists styles from the inside out, really helping you feel beautiful.
There are also different stores. They’ll put together an outfit for you or an outfit box for you then you get to pick what you want or what you want to keep. Evereve does that. Nordstrom has that. I used this service not too long ago where they have a stylist and I had a conversation with the lady. She’s like, “What budget are you looking for? Are you looking for items that are like $100 or $10,000? I was like, “$10,000?”   What would that be? She’s like, “Some women buy $10,000 dresses.” I was like, “I’m not one of them.” She picked 30 different things and by the time I got there, everything was already picked out. There’s no charge for this, so she’s just going to put it together. There are things and pretty much everything that purchased was between $50 and $100. It wasn’t anything extravagant. You can do that a couple of times a year for like ten things or once a month and buy one thing.   That’s important. I do want to give a little word of caution on some of the programs like Stitch Fix. They do a good job but sometimes I’ve been in closets of women that bought a lot of Stitch Fix and never wore it. The packages keep coming. The clothes keep coming. We’re busy and then we forget to turn it back and now we think we’re going to wear it. Be very mindful of that. The thing at Nordstroms or any other department store that will do that, that’s a great way to do it because you are going to buy what you need. Do it per season because some of these are monthly and you don’t need something new every month. I also think that sometimes they’re so quick to throw things in the box because I’ll say, “Don’t send me any sweaters because I hardly wear any sweaters.” They send me this big chunky sweater. I’m like, “I can’t wear this. You’re not listening to me.” How would you decide to do that transition from you being in the corporate world and understanding that you want to help people develop their styles? By the way, do you do both men’s and women’s styling?   I do mostly women but I do some men, yes. What made you decide to finally transition?   I wanted something. As I was aging, I wanted something for the next chapter in my career. My kids were grown. I felt like it was time to do something. I want to make a difference. I even saw it with myself. It’s how we feel. I want to empower women. I want to make them feel better. It was an avenue I could do that and something I could make a difference in. That’s what the transition was for. Something similar happened to me. My kids were already 17 and 19 when I started doing the work that I do now for No Woman Left Behind because I also felt like I could use my skills to help women advance in their careers. I felt this calling to help and give back. It’s similar but different as far as the things that we’re doing.   That’s what resonated me to you. I felt like it was so important. As women, we’re so hard on ourselves and we don’t give ourselves grace. We have so much to offer. “As women, we're so hard on ourselves and don't give ourselves grace. We have so much to offer. ” – Robyn Balsley Share on X I like that you said that because you’re right. We don’t give ourselves grace. One of the things that I always say is we have to be compassionate to ourselves. If you don’t feel good in that outfit, you start being hard on yourself, criticizing yourself, and saying all these mean things to your own self. That’s where the compassion comes in. We have to be compassionate and loving towards ourselves. You did say, “Accept your body as it is.” Especially, as we age and get older, the weight comes on with menopause and that can be all hormonal. It’s not necessarily that you’re doing something to cause that but it depends on the phase of life that you’re in, the season that you’re in, and what you’re doing in your life. It’s very important to be kind to ourselves.   I say that when you look in the mirror, you’re looking at your child or would you tell them, “You’ve put on some weight. Those pants are too tight. What’s wrong with you?” Be kind. Can you maybe share with us a story of someone that you helped that was excited about their new closet and what the transformation was after you worked with them?   The most recent client that I worked with was widowed years ago and was back into dating again. She’s a professional woman. She needed two different things in her closet. Her closet had a lot of stuff in it. It was very full and she was overwhelmed in her closet. When we worked together, we pulled everything out. We tried things on. We made piles, pulled them, and didn’t put anything back in that didn’t look right. She said that when she opened up her closet door, it felt so freeing. I helped her put outfits together and we took pictures of them. If she was going on a date, she knew what she could wear for that. If she was going to a professional meeting, she knew how would she dress for that.  Again, she had a style. That was the most enlightening thing. The very next day, she had put this outfit together all on her own. The confidence was oozing out of her. She went to work feeling so much different. That’s a perfect example of the work that I do. It seems so simple. It’s just our closets and what we’re wearing. Why does that matter? It does. The confidence is big that we work on professionally from your skills. There’s a book called Executive Presence and that’s all about what you say, how you act, and what you wear. What you wear is going to add to or increase how confident you feel because we’ve all experienced it. When you wear something that you feel like $1 million in, your confidence or demeanor is so different than when you’re like, “My shirt doesn’t feel good.” It’s such a different way of acting, especially if you’re going for an interview or like on TV. This is going to be my guilty pleasure, but I do watch The Bachelorette. Sometimes it’s like, “Did you not look in the mirror?”   The way you can build your confidence easily is by throwing on a nice outfit where you feel comfortable and confident. That’s going to make all the difference. Let’s talk a little bit about accessories. I am terrible with accessories. What are some regular accessories that you always recommend to have on hand and how do you use accessories?   Accessories are the spice of your outfit. It’s that final touch. I always say the rule of three and basically, you wear a top, a bottom, and then you add an accessory. It could be an accessory or a fun shoe. It could be a great bag. I’m wearing a bolder necklace with my blouse, so it gives me a little bit more interest. You can wear it.
NWB 63 | Dress For Success
Dress For Success: Accessories are really the spice of your outfit. It’s that final touch.
Some people are petite and they don’t want to wear big, bold jewelry but it’s something that has either maybe a little bit of color or some interest to it. You either want a necklace or maybe an earring. Maybe even a nice bracelet. Something that has a little bit of interest because people will notice that then they’ll compliment you and that uplifts you. Have a few pieces. You don’t need a ton. It’s an easy way to add color to an outfit because sometimes we shy away from color in our clothes. You work in a beautiful blue top and it looks great on you but some people don’t want to do that. That’s a great way to add a little bit of color. Pay attention to that. There’s no rule. Think about what you enjoy but add some pieces. I’m not a scarf person but some people love scarfs. It’s what you feel comfortable in and remember to add that third piece and maybe buy a couple. You can get costume jewelry so inexpensively. Get a couple of pieces, a couple of necklaces, and a couple of earrings. If you’re that girl that wants to wear the diamond studs every day, that’s fine but add something else. That makes it easier because I have noticed that I typically wear the same jewelry every day and now that I’m home, I’m like, “I wonder if I should change my jewelry.” It’s a great point, wearing a different necklace. I have necklaces but to be honest with you, I forget about them. I only have a few but I’m not in that jewelry drawer anymore.   I do forget about them, so I have to be a little bit more intentional. The reason why I am wearing this blue color is because my husband mentioned, “You wear a lot of black.” I’m like, “I do. I have a lot of black.” I didn’t even realize that. I gravitate to the tan, the black, and the chocolate brown color. I made a goal of mine to wear more color pieces, which is why I’m wearing this nice blue color now.   He has a good eye because it looks very good on you. It does lighten you up, so that’s the thing too. You can put things up to you and your face will brighten up if it’s the right color. If it’s not, it’ll wash you out, so pay attention to that. You’ve given us a lot of great information here, Robyn. Again, everything is because we want those professional businesswomen to feel comfortable and confident in what they’re wearing. As we’ve been talking, it doesn’t take a lot. For me, my biggest thing is I have to do a purging of the closet so that I can figure out what’s in there. You don’t know what’s in there then you’re like, “I need this one item. I have two already that I didn’t remember I had.” That makes a big difference too. Robyn, can you share with us maybe two actionable tips that our readers can apply to their wardrobes?   We’re all busy. We have full lives and we have a lot going on. On a Saturday or Sunday, I do what I call my outfit prep. We talk about doing a meal prep on the weekend. Do an outfit prep. Take a quick peek at your calendar. If you’ve got an important meeting that you’re going to or even a special event, at least think of three different things that you’re going to that week and put those outfits together at the beginning of the week. That includes adding that necklace because you forget to wear the necklace. You intentionally think about the necklace hanging all together in your closet. That morning, you grab the whole thing out. You’ve got the top, bottom, accessory, and the shoes. Everything’s together. You get dressed so quickly and you don’t have that panic in that morning of, “I’ve got that meeting. What am I going to wear?” You’re stressed then you wear something you don’t feel good in. That’s an important tip. Take that time and just maybe three outfits. It will take you 30 minutes. It won’t take that long because then you’re in a different mindset than when you’re rushed in the morning. What’s your second tip?   I touched on it a little bit. The second tip is to keep that album of outfits that you love. That’s important. Take the stress out of getting dressed. These are things that will take that stress out and up-level you and elevate your clothing and what you’re wearing because you’re ready for it. When you’re wearing something you feel good in, take a photo of it, put it in that album, and keep it there because that way, you can get dressed quicker and start purging those things that don’t feel good and do not put them back in your closet.
NWB 63 | Dress For Success
Dress For Success: When you’re wearing something you feel good in, take a photo of it, put it in that album, and keep it there.
  I like your first tip a lot because I’m thinking if I prepare those three outfits, I already put my jewelry. I know what shoes to wear and everything. You’re right. It takes the stress and I don’t have to think about it. I could take everything or select 1 of the 3 outfits that I already put together and make sure.   Take a picture of that too, then you’ll remember that was a great outfit then the next week, it’s quicker. I love that. That’s a great tip and I’m going to implement that because I do have this nice jewelry that I like but I forget about it. If I hang it with my outfit then it’s all put together. I don’t even have to think about it, so I love it. Robyn, you’ve given us so many great tips. I hope that all of this information helps our readers to feel less stressed when they’re getting ready to put together an outfit.   The biggest thing is to take a little bit of time to go through our closets and purge them so that we can prepare those outfits and remember what we have. Your second tip about taking pictures of the outfits is game-changing for me because as I said, I can never remember what I have. If I have the pictures all on the album, then I can scroll through it quickly and know what I have, so thank you. Any final words that you want to say to our readers then, Robyn?   I want to say that how we show up every day does matter and it starts from within us. If we take the time to take care of ourselves and take those few minutes, we will feel so much better. Again, it is important how we show up every day not for anyone else but for ourselves. I love that you said that because I do think that when you dress for yourself and as long as you are happy with how you look, then nobody else matters at that point. If you’re doing that for you, you’ll feel good and confident. You’ll be able to use that confidence in your work productivity so that you can continue to advance in your career. Robyn, thank you so much for your time. This was fantastic. I got a lot out of it myself. Thank you again for being here.   Thank you. It was a pleasure. Take care.

I certainly got a lot out of my conversation with Robyn to make getting dressed on a daily basis stress-free. One of the things that I’m going to be doing is trying to take pictures of outfits so that I know what goes with what. That’s one of my downfalls. I’m not good at visualizing different outfits. That’s going to be a great technique for me.   The second thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to take everything out of my closet now and put it in an empty closet. As I use the things that I like, I’m going to put it back in my closet and anything that ends up in that other spare closet, after six months, I’m going to take it and donate it to Goodwill. If I haven’t worn it in six months, then I’m more than likely not going to wear it.   Robyn leaves us with two great tips. The first tip is to take the time to do outfit prep. Similar to cooking prep like on a Sunday afternoon, take the time to do an outfit prep for the week. That’s great because it takes the stress out of trying to figure out what you’re going to wear on a daily basis. Tip number two, and this is one thing that I am going to do, is take pictures of your outfits and create an outfit album. That’s super easy because you can do it on your phone. You can personalize an album just for you that’s private to you. Nobody else has to see it. This way, you can remember which outfits you can mix and match. Those are fantastic tips. I hope that you got a lot of good information from Robyn.   One of the things that Robyn has on her website is the Five Simple Steps to Organize Your Closet. That’s going to be a gift that you can download from her website. She will give you those five simple steps on how to organize your closet. Again, I hope that you got a lot of great information and that you’re excited to revamp your closet. It’s a good idea to take everything out of your closet and only put in things that you feel good in and that you love. With that, remember to be brave, be bold, and take action.  

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