Know Your Worth ~ Prepare to Negotiate Workbook


Did you know that 20% of adult women never negotiate at work? That’s roughly 22 million women that willingly leave money on the table. 


That could cost you up to $2M of lost income over a career lifetime!  


Are you ready to articulate your worth with massive confidence, conviction, and clarity???


This workbook was created with you in mind to empower you to negotiate confidently and unlock the leader within.


You will learn the six phases of the negotiating process. Each stage provides actionable steps that will help you uncover your blind spots to earn a promotion, or salary increase, or land your dream job. 


Learning to negotiate with confidence is an art that takes time.


Of course, there are no guarantees, but when implemented correctly, I promise you that all your effort will pay off.


I believe in you!



Be Brave. Be Bold. Take Action!



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