Encouraging Young Women To Become Entrepreneurs With Sylvia R.J. Scott

NWB 51 | Young Women Entrepreneurs

It is always amazing and inspiring to see young women entrepreneurs, just fresh out of high school or college, and already thriving in this path. And it makes you wonder, how did they do it? Who introduced them to the opportunities this early? This episode’s guest is the person behind many of these young women. […]

Running Your Business Like An Effective Boss With Kate Walker

NWB 33 | Effective Boss

A lot of employees leave their job because of their boss. Communication is key to a great employee-boss relationship. Employees want to know their purpose and goal for doing their job, so the boss has to make that clear. An effective boss is visible and transparent with all his/her employees. So if you’re the boss […]

Carving Your Own Path To A Successful Career With Somtip Brunner

What are important defining principles you need to be aware of as you try to build a successful career? Here to share hers is Somtip Brunner. Somtip is an insurance professional serving ultra-high net worth clientele with over 15 years of experience serving families of significant wealth in real estate, hospitality, and private wealth management. […]