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The GENIUS Method: How To Utilize Your Uniqueness With Brana Williams

NWB 44 | The GENIUS Method

How should we negotiate in the corporate world to make our job satisfactory? In this fifth episode of this series, Brana Williams dives deep into the GENIUS Method to help you negotiate and to become more engaged in your job. Some of the takeaways from the interview is that we should stop hiding our uniqueness […]

Corporate Negotiation: Knowing What You’re Worth With Elissa D. Hecker

NWB 43 | Corporate Negotiation

When negotiating, women tend to negotiate with themselves first. This usually doesn’t end well because women tend to think they’re not good enough or don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. These are all mindsets you need to let go of. Understand your worth and go from there.   Join Rosie Zilinskas as she talks to […]