How To Practice The Art Of Storytelling In Your Career With Laura Lewis-Barr

NWB 55 | Storytelling In Your Career

Now that the previous series has helped you realize your worth, it is time to communicate that to your manager or potential employer. For the second guest in the storytelling series, Rosie Zilinskas sits down with Laura Lewis-Barr to help you become a storyteller in your career. An award-winning writer, Laura has been practicing the art […]

Psychological Safety In The Workplace: The Biggest Predictor Of Team Effectiveness With Stephanie Fleming

NWB 50 | Psychological Safety

Exploring how having an environment safe for interpersonal risk-taking can have a transformative impact on both individuals and teams. In this episode, psychological safety Certified Practitioner and Strategic Planner Stephanie Fleming discusses what psychological safety is, how it can be cultivated, and the benefits it brings to personal growth. Stephanie explains the challenges that come […]