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Take Your Power Back: The Subconscious Work To Empower Women With Denise Miceli

FKW No Woman Left Behind | Denise Miceli | Subconscious Work

  If you are feeling stuck and unsure how to advance in your corporate career, this episode is for you! Rosie Zilinskas welcomes Denise Miceli, intuitive life coach and creator of Rock Your Blocks, to discuss how to reclaim your power and take your career to the next level. Denise shares powerful tools for identifying […]

Inclusion And Equity: How Women Can Affect Change With Julia Geisman

NWB 30 | Inclusion And Equity

  It is a competitive world. But even with our differences, we can foster an inclusive culture where everyone is given opportunities to make an equal contribution. But where do we start? Founder & CEO of CareerAgility LLC, Julia Geisman joins Rosie Zilinskas to discuss the different facets of culture. She talks about the importance […]