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Healing Chronic Pain: How To Listen To Your Bodies’ Messages With Dr. Andrea Moore

NWB 38 | Chronic Pain

Have you been dealing with chronic pain with no accurate medical diagnosis? Perhaps the cause of your discomfort runs much deeper than you think. In this episode, Dr. Andrea Moore shares how she’s helped her clients heal their chronic pain by addressing their underlying traumas. Having experienced this herself, Andrea found ways to fix what […]

How To Prevent Burnout And Live Life In Harmony With Dr. Sandra Lewis

NWB 27 | Burnout

  Burnout has been a buzzword in workplaces in recent years. But burnout goes deeper than just exhaustion and disengagement with work. Dr. Sandra Lewis is here to talk about burnout, what it means, and how to prevent it. She is a personal energy strategist who combines research-based strategies with ancient wisdom and turns them […]