Cultivating Self-Esteem And Overcoming Fear Of Failure With Clarissa Burt

NWB 29 | Self-Esteem

ย  Often bombarded by high levels of pressure, unrealistic expectations, and unwanted comments, women in corporate tend to suffer from imposter syndrome. Their self-esteem is either depleted or completely drained, making them afraid to take risks or chase their goals. To address this unfortunate reality, Clarissa Burt presents her concept of HIGH: living with honesty, […]

Leading With Your Feminine Energy With Carla Howard

NWB 24 | Feminine Energy

Women can be great leaders that lead with empathy and emotion, but they just need to stop holding themselves back. Every woman has that feminine energy. People can combine feelings with how they lead, especially women leaders. Stop limiting yourself to what you see in the industry. Join Rosie Zilinskas as she talks to Carla […]