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Negotiate Like You’re Negotiating For Somebody Else With Patricia Carl

NWB 46 | Negotiation

We are nearing the end of the How to Negotiate in the Corporate World Series. Tune in to today’s episode to learn more about getting sponsors, stakeholder negotiations, negotiating your price, how to lead in today’s environment, and more. Know that as a woman, you don’t have to check all the boxes for a job […]

Carving Your Own Path To A Successful Career With Somtip Brunner

What are important defining principles you need to be aware of as you try to build a successful career? Here to share hers is Somtip Brunner. Somtip is an insurance professional serving ultra-high net worth clientele with over 15 years of experience serving families of significant wealth in real estate, hospitality, and private wealth management. […]

Growing Your Career In A Male-Oriented Field With Brittany McLaughlin

NWB 6 | Growing Your Career

  Career growth is something we all aspire to and work hard for. For women in male-dominated fields, growling a career is much more difficult. You need hard work, dedication, and sometimes, the guiding hand of a mentor. In this episode, Rosie Zilinskas discusses careers with Brittany McLaughlin. As a female in a traditionally male […]

Challenging The Gender Status Quo With Rachel O’Shea

NWB 5 | Challenging The Status Quo

While gender equality is heavily promoted in different organizations around the world, we cannot deny the fact that prejudice against women still exists, even in the smallest ways. In this episode, Rachel O’Shea shares her experiences with inequality. Rachel is a Senior Technical Specialist at Microsoft. She believes that the perception of women is always […]