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Hyper-Achieving: How To Succeed In Both Your Career And Your Life With Carla Reeves

NWB 34 | Work Life Balance

Are you someone who is striving to achieve a work-life balance? Someone who wants to achieve professional success without compromising important relationships? Someone who aims to be fulfilled in both your career and your life? Then this podcast is for you. Today, Carla Reeves discusses what being a hyper-achiever is and how you can achieve a work-life […]

How To Prevent Burnout And Live Life In Harmony With Dr. Sandra Lewis

NWB 27 | Burnout

  Burnout has been a buzzword in workplaces in recent years. But burnout goes deeper than just exhaustion and disengagement with work. Dr. Sandra Lewis is here to talk about burnout, what it means, and how to prevent it. She is a personal energy strategist who combines research-based strategies with ancient wisdom and turns them […]

How To Be A Compassionate Leader With Manjiri Gokhale Joshi

Why is being a compassionate leader crucial to the team’s success?  Rosie Zilinskas sits with Manjiri Gokhale Joshi, the Founder Director at Maya CARE. Manjiri shares how compassion allows you to identify who to lead. Leaders can waste time and energy leading people who don’t want to be led. That’s why you need to spend […]