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Fast-Tracking Women’s Careers, Influence, And Impact With Sabine Gedeon

NWB 59 | Women’s Careers

Despite the progress being made in the women’s movement, we are still undeniably far from completely removing the barriers that keep women from advancing their careers. Aside from systemic, we also have to contend with the personal barriers we instill in ourselves. Joining Rosie Zilinskas to take a deep dive into the challenges women face […]

Creating Connections With Susan MacConnell

  Creating connections is what drives us in life. The same thing can also be a path to professional success.  Join Rosie Zilinskas and her guest, Susan MacConnell, the co-founder of Diversified Sales Solutions. Susan discusses how communication and emotional intelligence can work for you, and how building a network can inspire success. Tune in […]

Challenging The Gender Status Quo With Rachel O’Shea

NWB 5 | Challenging The Status Quo

While gender equality is heavily promoted in different organizations around the world, we cannot deny the fact that prejudice against women still exists, even in the smallest ways. In this episode, Rachel O’Shea shares her experiences with inequality. Rachel is a Senior Technical Specialist at Microsoft. She believes that the perception of women is always […]

Navigating The Workforce Through Networking With Claire Bossong

NWB 3 | Networking

  Are you struggling to get a job? Especially in today’s pandemic landscape, it can be hard to nail down the job of your dreams, but fear not! On today’s show, Claire Bossong holds the answer: networking! Claire is the District Director at State Representative Tom Bennett. She sits down with Rosie Zilinskas today to share how […]