Personal Branding And Moving Up The Corporate Ladder With Heather H. Bennett

  Your branding is what makes you unique. But in a world with vast information online, how do you stand out and establish your personal branding? Marketing strategist and Creative Brand Coach Heather H. Bennett joins us in this episode to talk about redefining your purpose, mission, and strategy. She sits down with Rosie Zilinskas to share her […]

Empowering Women In Their Career: Tips To Boost Performance With Margaret Graziano

NWB 4 | Women Empowerment

To eliminate the gender gap, it is crucial to empower women in their careers. On today’s show, Rosie Zilinskas welcomes Margaret Graziano, the CEO and Founder of KeenAlignment, and one of Silicon Valley’s top 100 women leaders, to talk about women empowerment in the workplace and why you deserve the job of your dreams. Don’t miss […]