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Holistic Time Management: Creating A New Relationship With Time With Becca Rich

NWB 57 | Holistic Time Management

When we think of time management, we tend to look at it from within the traditional work structure. But what about the rest of our responsibilities outside of it? This episode’s guest introduces us to Holistic Time Management. Rosie Zilinskas sits down with Holistic Time Management Coach, Becca Rich, to discuss this approach of creating […]

Self-Image In The Workplace With Julienne Waters

NWB 19 | Workplace Self Image

With so many things going on and the ever-increasing competition in the workplace, we sometimes forget that we are unique and brilliant, and we have so much that is our own potential to give to the world. It’s time to get rid of our negative self-talk and limiting beliefs and start building a positive self-image […]

Understanding The Power Of Self-Confidence With Lisa Thompson

NWB 2 | Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is all about looking within and appreciating your strengths and skills. How can you use it to redirect your life for the better? Rosie Zilinskas aims to answer this question with confidence coach and Director of Self Love Beauty, Lisa Thompson. She talks about the importance of loving oneself to overcome setbacks and finally […]