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How Women Can Heal From Trauma With Kristin Sparks

NWB 49 | Heal From Trauma

In this episode, we are joined by Trauma and Shame Recovery Specialist Kristin Sparks as she shares how women can move on from the effects of shameful and traumatic experiences and lead successful lives. Kristin emphasizes that women who have experienced trauma can rise above their circumstances and create the life they have always dreamed […]

Changing Systemic Bias: On Equality For Women In The Workforce With Katie Donovan

NWB 48 | Systemic Bias

Women in the corporate world don’t hold themselves back, but instead they are pushed back. Today, we have a bonus episode with Katie Donovan, who shares her take and tips on striking a negotiation conversation with corporate as a woman! Kate is a leading pay-equity expert and founder of the consultancy, Equal Pay Negotiations. She […]

No Women Left Behind: An Introduction

NWB 1 | No Women Left Behind

Women need to start realizing that they may be the ones holding themselves back from their true potential. No women left behind! That is the mission of host Rosie Zilinskas with this podcast. She wants to eradicate the gender gap in the corporate world by empowering women in their careers. Stay tuned and learn so […]