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Shifting From Skillset To Mindset With Bernadette Boas

NWB 35 | From Skillset To Mindset

We spend too much time focused on what our resume looks like and what skills, accolades, and certifications we have. But none of those matter if you don’t have the confidence and self-appreciation that allows you to harness all those skills and talents. Bernadette Boas, executive coach at Ball of Fire Coaching, talks to us […]

Inclusion And Equity: How Women Can Affect Change With Julia Geisman

NWB 30 | Inclusion And Equity

  It is a competitive world. But even with our differences, we can foster an inclusive culture where everyone is given opportunities to make an equal contribution. But where do we start? Founder & CEO of CareerAgility LLC, Julia Geisman joins Rosie Zilinskas to discuss the different facets of culture. She talks about the importance […]

Leading With Your Feminine Energy With Carla Howard

NWB 24 | Feminine Energy

Women can be great leaders that lead with empathy and emotion, but they just need to stop holding themselves back. Every woman has that feminine energy. People can combine feelings with how they lead, especially women leaders. Stop limiting yourself to what you see in the industry. Join Rosie Zilinskas as she talks to Carla […]

Carving Your Own Path To A Successful Career With Somtip Brunner

What are important defining principles you need to be aware of as you try to build a successful career? Here to share hers is Somtip Brunner. Somtip is an insurance professional serving ultra-high net worth clientele with over 15 years of experience serving families of significant wealth in real estate, hospitality, and private wealth management. […]