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Unlocking Financial Confidence: Women, Wealth, And Wisdom With Lisa Sakai

No Woman Left Behind | Lisa Sakai | Financial Confidence

  Feeling stuck in a budget rut and dreaming of a life beyond the 9-to-5? This episode’s for you! We’re ditching the restrictive money diets (hello, financial freedom!) and chatting with Lisa Sakai, a financial consultant who spills the tea on how to unlock your financial confidence and start living your bucket list life, today. […]

Be Unmessablewith: Creating The Life We Love With Josselyne Herman-Saccio

NWB 71 | Unmessablewith

  Life throws its curveballs at us, and it can be so easy to be in the constant mode of reaction. It is time to take control of our lives and step out of the world of reaction and into the world of creation. Transformative coach and course leader Josselyne Herman-Saccio inspires us in this […]

Changing Systemic Bias: On Equality For Women In The Workforce With Katie Donovan

NWB 48 | Systemic Bias

Women in the corporate world don’t hold themselves back, but instead they are pushed back. Today, we have a bonus episode with Katie Donovan, who shares her take and tips on striking a negotiation conversation with corporate as a woman! Kate is a leading pay-equity expert and founder of the consultancy, Equal Pay Negotiations. She […]

How To Be A Compassionate Leader With Manjiri Gokhale Joshi

Why is being a compassionate leader crucial to the team’s success?  Rosie Zilinskas sits with Manjiri Gokhale Joshi, the Founder Director at Maya CARE. Manjiri shares how compassion allows you to identify who to lead. Leaders can waste time and energy leading people who don’t want to be led. That’s why you need to spend […]