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Unlock Career Success: 20 AI Techniques to Supercharge Your Job Search Efforts

No Woman Left Behind | Rosie Zilinskas | AI For Job Search

Feeling stuck in your job search? This episode reminds you that the tools to help you supercharge your job search and career advancement are at your disposal! Explore how Artificial Intelligence can revolutionize your efforts as Rosie Zilinskas dives deep into 20 techniques using ChatGPT to optimize everything from your resume and cover letter to interview prep. Learn how to leverage AI to identify key skills, research companies, and even craft a winning 90-day plan, making you a standout candidate for your dream job.

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Unlock Career Success: 20 AI Techniques to Supercharge Your Job Search Efforts

If you are tuning in to this, there’s a good chance that you’re a woman in the corporate world who feels stuck in your career and you’re not sure how to advance. If that’s the case, I want to let you know that I have an incredible resource that can help you. I created a promotion readiness checklist with you in mind. The checklist can help you pinpoint exactly what you need to work on to advance in your career. The best part is it’s completely free and it only takes three minutes to complete. I have helped countless women like you achieve their career goals, and I know exactly what it takes to succeed in the corporate world. My promotion readiness checklist is a perfect tool to help you get started on your path to success. You will find the link on the episode website, or you can go to to take the quiz. 

Thank you so much for joining me in this cool episode on how you can revolutionize your job search through artificial intelligence. For this episode’s purposes, I am going to be talking about ChatGPT because I believe it’s the most common artificial intelligence application that people are familiar with. If you have not used ChatGPT or do not intend to use ChatGPT, you should be using it. Here is why. According to FlexJobs in 2024, they did a work insights survey. They surveyed 5,600 employees. Out of the 5,600 employees, 24% are already using AI to enhance their job search. That’s about 1 in every 4 individuals.


If you are not using ChatGPT or any artificial intelligence in your job search, you are leaving yourself behind. Leveraging AI can give you a competitive edge. It can help you streamline your job search process. It can help you present yourself in the best possible light. This is exactly what you need if you are doing a job search. We’re going to go through twenty different techniques to supercharge your efforts. I can’t go very deeply into each one of these, but if you have any questions, you can always email me at and then ask me whatever question you have.



Resume Feedback

1) You can obtain resume feedback. You can take your resume. If you have the paid version of ChatGPT, which I think is about $20 a month, you can attach several documents. If you have the free version, then you will have to copy the content and paste it into ChatGPT. You can say, “From the perspective of a professional resume writer, give me your feedback on my resume,” and then ChatGPT will give you suggestions on clarity, impact, and alignment with a job description. See what it comes back with. If you are unsure of what to do, you can always ask ChatGPT, “This is the first time I’m using ChatGPT, I am trying to optimize my resume for job search. What are the things that I can do with your help?” It’ll tell you all the things that it can help you with. That’s number one.



Take It In Parts

2) If ChatGPT comes back and gives you a lot of information and feedback, I suggest you take it in parts. Start with your professional statement at the top and then work on that. Take the job description for each job description and work on each one of those individually. It’s overwhelming if you ask it to give you feedback on the entire resume, you are going to have to take it in steps, but I can guarantee you that if you take each section of your resume at a time and work with that section, then you will be able to create an amazing resume on your own. 

No Woman Left Behind | Rosie Zilinskas | AI For Job Search
AI For Job Search: If you take each section of your resume at a time and just work with that section, then you will be able to create an amazing resume on your own.

I do have resume writing services for my company. You can always go to a professional resume writing service like my company does, or you can try to do this on your own. It is a little bit time-consuming, but it’s well worth it if you are willing to put in the time. Use ChatGPT to rewrite section by section and it will help you make it more strong and impactful. The language is going to come back and you’re going to be surprised by all the different language suggestions that you did not think about. That’s number two.


Identify Key Skills

3) Identifying your key skills. You should have a section in your resume that identifies the key skills that you are trying to highlight for your next job. Ask ChatGPT to identify the key skills in your resume to ensure that they are emphasized appropriately when you are trying to find a job. You should have a section of key skills delineated, outlined, and highlighted in your resume. Copy and paste your resume and ask ChatGPT to give you the key skills based on your resume and it’ll pop up all of the keyskills that it has identified.


Optimize For ATS

4) Optimize your resume for the ATS or Applicant Tracking System. Pretty much all companies now are using some version of ATS. This means that they are scanning your resume to see if you’re even close to a fit. I suggest that you use a specific ATS tool to help you delineate if you are a good match for that particular job that you’re applying for. I use Jobscan. Jobscan is free. I believe you get up to three scans a month. You upload the job description that you’re applying for, you upload your resume and then you have the job scan tool.


Scan both of those. What it does is it’s going to give you a score. If it gives you a high enough score and it’ll show up in green, then you have more likelihood of getting your resume in front of a live person. Otherwise, if the score is low, then the automated system, which is artificial intelligence, is going to spit out an automatic rejection saying, “Thanks, but no thanks, you don’t qualify.” That’s because the key skills on the job application did not match the key skills on your resume. Number four is for you to optimize your resume based on the applicant tracking system.


Visually Appealing Resume

5) If you are struggling with the visual look of your resume, then you can utilize artificial intelligence tools such as Canva to create a very visually appealing resume. There are cover letters and thank you notes all in Canva. I know there is a free version of Canva. It’s always a good idea to go through, search for resumes, find a template that you like, and then start inputting the information from ChatGPT that you get back into the Canva template.


There are two schools of thought when it comes to the design of your resume. Some people say that a cool design impacts the applicant tracking system. Other people say that it’s fine. Use your best judgment. Don’t use too many designs. Try to use the text in a very nice and organized manner so that you don’t have problems running your resume through the applicant tracking system. Number five is to use Canva so that you can design a visually appealing resume.


Tailored Cover Letter

6) You can draft a tailored cover letter. How do you do that? You would take the job description for the job that you’re interested in and you can copy and paste it into ChatGPT and say, “I am applying for this position. Help me draft a customized cover letter because I’m applying for this particular job description.” Once you add the job description, you can copy and paste your resume, it will come back with a cover letter.


Anything that you get back from ChatGPT, you’re going to have to double-check. You’re going to have to edit it because it’s not going to be perfect. You still need to go in there and make it into your own voice. Make sure that you add the specific accomplishments that you’re trying to highlight. Anything that you’re not getting back from ChatGPT, you will have to do. I always say that it’s always easier to start from some framework instead of a blank piece of paper. Number six is drafting a tailored cover letter.

No Woman Left Behind | Rosie Zilinskas | AI For Job Search
AI For Job Search: Anything that you get back from ChatGPT, you’re going to have to double check. You’re going to have to edit it because it’s not going to be perfect.


Customized Thank You Letter

7) Drafting a customized thank you letter. You can even do this in the same step as you’re doing with the cover letter. You can say, “Based on this job description, please provide me with a customized cover letter and thank you note.” That way you can do two birds with one stone. Same thing, ChatGPT is going to draft a personalized thank you letter. The point of doing a thank you note is you want to leave a lasting impression after the interview. The rule of thumb is to send a thank you letter within 24 hours of your interview.


It’s important to be timely with that. Try to remember any connection that you made with the person who was interviewing you so that you can highlight that in your thank you letter. The one thing that I always tell people is to try to make sure that you emphasize how you are going to help them meet their goals because they’re looking for a person who can help them meet their goals. Emphasize that in the cover letter. Number seven is personalized a thank you letter. We’re going to move on to job description and application analysis.


Job Description Analysis

8) Job description analysis. For each job that you’re applying for, copy and paste the job description into ChatGPT and tailor it to your resume for higher success. You’re going to have to do that with every single job description. Once your resume is completely done and you’re satisfied with the final version, it’s going to be a living breathing document according to each job that you apply for. Gone are the days when you use one resume and apply to all of these jobs because remember, 1 in 4 people are using AI to do this very thing. 


Take each job description, put it in ChatGPT, ask ChatGPT to give you the key skills for that job description, and then you have to go and amend your resume so that you can sprinkle those key skills in your resume. Obviously, you can only use the skills that are relevant to you, but it is critically important for you to make sure that your resume has those key skills from each job description. Number eight is to customize every single resume per job description.


Key Skills For Roles

9) Identifying key skills for roles. Ask ChatGPT to list the key skills required for a specific role based on the job description. Let’s assume that you’re interested in a job that you haven’t done before and you’re not sure how to identify if you have those key skills. Copy and paste the job description, and ask it to give you the key skills necessary to be successful in that particular role. Once you get the key skills back, then you can see which key skills you still need to work on developing so that you can apply for that job in the future. That’s more than likely a job that you are not doing right now, but you aspire to do in the future. Number nine is identifying key skills for roles that you’re interested in the future.


Identify Suitable Jobs

10) Identify suitable jobs for you. A lot of times people are not clear on what it is that they want to do. This is where I always say you have to go back and aspire to what you want to do. If you have no idea, you can always use ChatGPT, copy and paste your resume into it, and say, “Can you help me figure out what types of jobs my skills would qualify for?” ChatGPT is going to give you a bunch of different job possibilities that could be the best fit for you based on the skills that you have on your resume. 

Be careful with this because I had a woman who was an auditor and she no longer wanted to be an auditor. She was like, “I keep getting all these people wanting me to apply for auditing jobs.” I was like, “If you don’t want to do that specific job with those skills, then either take it off your resume or minimize it so that it’s not showcasing that you want to be an auditor.” You can use ChatGPT to identify possible jobs based on the information that is on your resume. That is number ten. 

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Personal Brand Statement

We’re going to move on a little bit to personal branding and networking. 11) Craft your personal brand statement. A lot of times people don’t have an elevator pitch or don’t have a personal brand statement. It’s important for you to have your personal brand statement. AI can help you analyze your strengths and career goals to generate a compelling personal brand statement that will set you apart. In the personal brand statement, you have to identify yourself, the value, and the audience. Those are the three parts of a personal brand statement. If you put those three parts into ChatGPT, you can copy and paste your resume into ChatGPT and say, “I am trying to do a personal brand statement with identity, value, and audience, please help me create one based on my resume.” See what Cha GPT comes back with and play around with that. That is number eleven.

“AI can help you analyze your strengths and career goals to generate a compelling personal brand statement that will set you apart.” – Rosie Zilinskas Share on X



Networking Assistance

12) You can get networking assistance. People are paranoid a lot of times about going to a networking event because they’re like, “I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to do.” First of all, have your personal brand statements. Some people call it an elevator pitch. I don’t like that elevator pitch, but I do the personal branding statement. Work on that, and then ask ChatGPT to help you suggest relevant questions that you can ask based on the event. If you are going to an accounting convention or conference, then say, “Give me ten different topics that I can talk about at this particular conference.” Copy and paste the information from the conference and see what it comes back at. You want to generate some ideas and icebreakers so that you can start talking to people and having conversations. Number twelve is networking assistance.


Plan For Specific Questions

13) Plan for specific questions that you want to ask specific individuals. If you are trying to work in a specific company and you’re going to go to a networking event, research the company and the individual, and ask ChatGPT to give you some questions specific to their company, job description, and that individual. You can copy and paste their LinkedIn information and ask them to do the same thing. Number thirteen is planning for networking events.


Share Your Why

14) Share your why. Be sure to be able to understand how to clearly explain the motivation behind your career transition, whether it’s in cover letters or networking events. Use chatGPT to help you explain your why. Number 14 is to share your why. We are now going to be moving on to company and industry research.


Research Companies

15) Research companies. ChatGPT can provide in-depth company research, including the culture, recent news, and employee reviews to help you prepare for interviews. You can copy and paste everything that you find on the website, on LinkedIn, or on specific individuals who work at the company. Put it into ChatGPT and say, “I am interviewing for this particular company and this particular job. Please help me research some of the information about culture, recent news, and any employer reviews. I’m going to use this to help me prepare for interviews,” and then hit enter. See what chat GPT comes back to you with. All of this information can prepare you for that particular job interview. That is number fifteen, research companies.

No Woman Left Behind | Rosie Zilinskas | AI For Job Search
AI For Job Search: ChatGPT can provide in-depth company research, including the culture, recent news and employee reviews to help you prepare for interviews.


Identify Target Companies

16) Identify target companies. If you have no idea which types of companies you want to work at, use ChatGPT to help you pinpoint companies that frequently hire for your desired job roles, making your job search more focused. Copy and paste your resume to ChatGPT and ask ChatGPT to help you identify specific companies that can use your skills. Number sixteen is to identify target companies.


Identify And Analyze Industry Trends

17) You can identify industry trends and analyze them. Use ChatGPT to analyze industry trends and job market insights that will help you identify any emerging opportunities and skills in demand. That is important because you need to be aware of how your industry is shifting and changing. Number seventeen is to use ChatGPT to analyze industry trends. We’re now going to end this with interview preparation.

“Use ChatGPT to analyze industry trends and job market insights that will help you identify any emerging opportunities and skills in demand.” – Rosie Zilinskas Share on X



Prepare For Interviews

18) Prepare for interviews. Generate a list of potential interview questions based on the specific job you are applying for using ChatGPT. Copy and paste the job description and ask ChatGPT to generate twenty potential interview questions. Once it comes back, use those to create your story vault. Creating your story vault is important. That’s going to be number nineteen. Number eighteen is to prepare for your interview by having ChatGPT give you potential interview questions.


Build Your Story Vault

19) Build your story vault. You can ask ChatGPT to give you twenty interview questions. This is what you do for you to create your story ball. You identified those questions that ChatGPT gave you. When you are home and relaxed, you physically write out the answer to each of those twenty interview questions. You are going to take the top 7 to 10 questions that you think will highlight your skills and accomplishments, and then you transfer those into the PAS method. The PAS method is a Problem Agitation Solution.


The problem is obviously, “What was the problem?” The agitation is, “What was the consequence if that problem had not been solved?” The solution is how you and your team provided the solution for that particular problem. That’s the story. Each of the accomplishments is going to be in a story format because it’s much more relatable. You will then be able to review. Once you have your 7 to 10 accomplishments into that story format, then you will call that your story vault.


Every time you go to an interview, you have to briefly review your story vault. That way you have your accomplishments fresh in your mind into that story format, and then you are going to be much more prepared when you go into the interview. If someone asks you something that you don’t know, you can always say, “I’m not sure about that, but I can tell you,” and then highlight one of the most relevant stories that you already have from your story vault. Number nineteen is to create your story vault.


90-Day Plan

Finally, 20) Create a 90-day plan. This is what I call your secret tool, depending on whether you’re going to stay within the same company or leave the company. If you’re going to go to another company, you can only come in with a 90-day plan, but if you’re going to stay in the same company and someone else is going to be stepping into your position, you can also create a succession plan. All of the responsibilities that you have in your current job, you’re going to write out and give it to the person that’s going to be coming up behind you. During your interview, you can say, “I have a 90-day plan, and then I also have a succession plan for the person who is stepping into my shoes.” 


You’re going to ask ChatGPT to help you create a 90-day plan for the tailored position, meaning that you’re going to copy and paste the job description into ChatGPT or attach it. You’re going to ask ChatGPT to give you a 90-day plan. You can even say, “Can you give me a week-by-week potential 90-day plan based on this job description and this website information?” ChatGPT can help you put together a 90-day plan.


If you were selected as the candidate that was successful in getting the job, “This is what I would do if I were to be selected for this position. This is what I would have someone do if they were going to be coming into my new position.” That way it shows that you are prepared, motivated, and proactive. A lot of amazing things come from you creating your 90-day plan, as well as a succession plan if you are staying with the same company.


Create a 90-day plan and if applicable, create a succession plan as well. I know that was a lot of information, but I wholeheartedly believe that it is time for you to leverage AI when it comes to optimizing your job search. This will ensure that you present yourself in the best possible light to potential employers. It is time for you to dive in deep with ChatGPT and start optimizing your job search. If you haven’t done so already, remember to complete the promotion readiness checklist and check out the Unlock The Leader Within membership. If you want to dive in a little bit deeper, schedule a strategy call with me on how to advance your career. With that, remember to be brave, be bold, and take action. 


“It is time for you to leverage AI when it comes to optimizing your job search. This will ensure that you present yourself in the best possible light to potential employers.” – Rosie Zilinskas Share on X

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