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Your Image Is Your Most Powerful Marketing Message With Master Image And Presence Branding Coach Peggy Scott


In a world where first impressions are made in an instant, it is essential that your visual brand is strong, cohesive, and on message. Your image is much more than your headshot. It includes your clothing, your posture, your facial expression, and even your environment. In this episode, Peggy Scott sits with Rosie Zilinskas. Peggy is a master image and presence branding coach, author, and podcaster. She is passionate about having people shine their very best through their presence, extending to every part of their life. She has 30+ years of developing and delivering transformational programs that produce phenomenal and lasting results with her clients. Today Peggy talks about language and how it impacts your actions, how having the right mindset can get your next promotion, and why knowing your core values gives you the strength to stand for what you believe in.



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Your Image Is Your Most Powerful Marketing Message With Master Image And Presence Branding Coach Peggy Scott


In this episode, we are talking to Peggy Scott. There are some very concrete reasons why I invited Peggy to the show. The very first one is we are going to be talking about language and how language impacts your actions. The second thing is making sure that your mindset is in the right place so you can get that next promotion. The third thing is core values. Those are the things we are going to be talking about.


I will tell you a little bit about Peggy. She is a master image and presence branding coach, author, and podcaster. She is passionate about having people shine their very best through their personal brand presence, which then extends to every part of their lives. She has many years of developing and delivering transformational programs that produce phenomenal and lasting results for her clients.


What distinguishes Peggy from others in her field is her innate ability, professional training, and years of experience to recognize and listen to what’s wanted and needed. She offers caring, concise guidance that will shift your mindset, limiting ideas or assumptions about yourself and removing anything that does not serve your mission, purpose, and process. This is going to be a very interesting conversation because, again, we will talk about how your inner dialogue impacts you and your future, so stay tuned.



Peggy, thank you so much for being here. I appreciate it. I’m going to start right off the bat. I wrote an article about women knowing their worth and how to be able to articulate their worth so that they can move up the corporate ladder. How do you recommend that someone can get recognized to continue to move up the corporate ladder?


I was in corporate for fifteen years, so I know intimately what this is all about. Plus, the work that I do with women and men. It has been very clear about your core values. What I mean by that is when I walk into the room, my core values go with me. That’s where I get the posture, the commitment, and the purpose. All of that allows me to stand more confidently in my power and what I’m worth. That half the battle is standing for who you are because we are being perceived by how we show up.


For those of you that don’t know what core values are, I always like to do a very simple example. If health is one of my core values, I’m not going to get a job with a tobacco company because their core value is not health. They know that their products cause cancer, so there’s a disconnect there. You always want to make sure that your core values are in line with whatever the core values of the corporation are.


NWB 21 | Image And Presence Branding
Image And Presence Branding: The core values are your ground of being. That’s where you get to say how it is for you.



It’s so incredibly important, and you are right. For me, it’s dignity, integrity, and having that respect. I love what you said there but the core values are your ground of being. That’s where you get to say how it is for you. If somebody is stepping over that and not treating you with respect or dignity, you know what you can do for yourself, either strengthen that or find another avenue. Standing in your values is what I’m committed to having in each and every woman, and make sure your boundaries are handled. Do not let your boundaries become a blurred line. Keep your boundaries clear and present for yourself, especially in the corporate world.


I know that you are a master image and branding presence coach. Tell me a little bit about what is it an image coach does.


What I do is I work with insight. I’m talking about your values, purpose, and well-being practices. That’s your internal game and inner presence. I’m working with you on your overall presence. Image has to do with your internal presence and how it’s reflected in your clothing, body language, language itself, how you speak, sitting at the table, and being willing to stand there confidently. Image is the whole package in and out. I take people through that process because if you don’t have those aligned, I say your presence is your most powerful marketing message.


I also know that you say that you have one minute to make an impression. I’ve actually heard that it’s a lot less than that. Whenever you are trying to talk to your manager about your career opportunities or maybe you are in an interview, what are some things people can focus on? As you said, the whole package is part of what you are marketing. You are marketing yourself. How would someone know how to be more effective?


I always start with your mindset. Be clear about what you want to have to happen in that meeting, and that is managing your current mindset. “Do I deserve this? Do I want this? Am I pleading for it, or am I standing for it? No, this is what I’m bringing to the table.” Being very clear about your mindset, what you are bringing to the table, your purpose, and want to accomplish.


As far as the image, how does someone use their outer image to go ahead and secure the next promotion or even a conversation with a manager when they are in the company, and they want to get a promotion?


Standing in your power means being clear about who you are, what you have to offer, what you bring to the table, and your purpose and values. – Peggy Scott Click To Tweet


I’m working with someone who wants to move from a director to a chief customer officer. She says that she shakes a bit whenever she gets in front of the C-Suite or whenever she has to sit with her manager. I said, “Before you go in, clear yourself. Maybe you find someone you can clear with and get very straight about what it is you want and stand for that.” Your posture, how you present yourself, and what you are wearing. Make sure you are ready to go. Mainly, I would say it’s that internal dialogue that’s invisible but definitely relays volumes, so be very clear. That’s why I say get someone that can clear you before you go in for something as important as getting your promotion.


One of the things that I have been coining is making sure that you are able to articulate your worth with massive confidence and conviction. I liked what you said about the language. You keep saying that someone needs to work on that mindset. The language that is going on in your head is part of the problem with the mindset. Let’s talk a little bit about the language and what people are saying to themselves that can impact their mindset.


These are some of the conversations, perhaps. I sure hope he or she hears me confidently. I’m not putting gender in here. I don’t mean to make it so silly but I want this. I hope for this. It’s the language you say to yourself. That’s why I say get it very clear before you go in, and not be aggressive either. There is a way to get the way you put what’s in your head and what you speak about yourself. We do this almost every time we look in the mirror.


That dialogue needs to be dismissed. It needs to go, “That’s not what’s playing out now. I am worth it. I have what it takes. I don’t have to prove it. I’m clear about my purpose and what I bring to the table here.” Those are the conversations and the languaging. I also talk about the tone of your voice. If you are stressed or feeling down, the pitch of your voice goes up. Make sure everything is in alignment with what you are up to your purpose. That’s what’s leading you, and get everything in alignment with that.


If someone is, for example, berating themselves or thinking, “I’m never going to get that position. Why bother applying?” is that part of the conversation that’s happening around the mindset?


Absolutely. You are hoping, wishing, and thinking, “I don’t know.” Unfortunately, for a lot of women, and we do. I did a course in 1992 where we put ourselves in a board room. We were not being happy with and were not standing for each other. There’s an opportunity here. You have to also be that for yourself and not, “I hope that works. I don’t know if I’m up for that game.” Challenge yourself. Be bigger than that. Allow yourself to grow, and then stand confidently in that.


NWB 21 | Image And Presence Branding
Image And Presence Branding: Your presence is your most powerful marketing message.



A lot of people want to stay in their comfort zone but quite candidly, when you are looking to move up the corporate ladder to get that seat at the table, you need to be out of your comfort zone. You need to do things that are not in your wheelhouse so that you can expand. That’s how you grow and develop. Would you agree?


It’s like anything that you started newly. It might have been concerning, you are nervous about it, or whatever it is, reflect on what it is you did that pull yourself forward. You might fake it until you make it. I hate to use that but that’s what you do. You stand and go, “Definitely.” It’s practice. You might also choose someone like yourself or myself to practice with, “According to an interview, I want to be promoted. Here’s where I’m standing.” You have to build that muscle of standing for yourself.


Of course, that inner dialogue, the more negative you are, the more you put that negativity out into the universe. Negativity begets negativity. If you want to get that next promotion, the mindset is, I agree with Peggy, the number one place you need to start. There’s another person that I follow. She says, “You have to treat yourself almost as if you have a parent personality within yourself and the child personality so that when you are being negative, summon the parent personality and be gentle, kind, and have compassion for yourself because you are berating yourself.” You are almost your own worst enemy sometimes.


I would say most of the time, we are not our best friends, and there we are looking to have people show up. How the heck are they going to step into our world if we are not standing for ourselves? You are absolutely right. You have to clear your mind. Always clear it before you go into any dialogue like that. We wake up with it every morning. We already have what’s wrong going on. All you have to do is keep practicing. Just flip it. Here’s where I stand. I have a mantra that I repeat daily, so I can be like, “I am a powerful woman that’s here to make a difference. Everyone I touch, I inspire, even if it’s the person at the grocery store.” I practice that rather than saying, “I don’t know.”


I like the phrase you’ve said a couple of times, “Standing in your own power.” Let’s talk a little bit more about what that actually means and what are some of the actionable things that someone can do to stand in their own power.


I ask a few questions where I go, “How do you want to be perceived, credible, trustworthy, and intelligence?” You start to ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish? What is my ambition? What is my purpose here?” Let that be bigger than the conversation that’s going on in your head, and then start to write down what it is you want. Start creating that as the conversation. Standing in your power means being clear about who you are, what you have to offer, what you bring to the table, and your purpose and values.


Keep saying what you stand for and what you believe. People may fuss about it or disagree. Don't let it stop you. – Peggy Scott Click To Tweet


Your values are your cornerstone. Make sure you honor your boundaries. There’s a whole body of work that I do, and I make sure your well-being practices are in. If you need to be walking every day and you are not, you start to work against yourself, and then the conversation goes on, “I’m not doing so well. I’m not in practice,” whatever you would say. When I say standing your power, it’s a full body of work. It’s like, “I know who I am. I’m about my purpose. I have an ambition. I am a little scared about moving forward but I’m going to do it because I dare to be as extraordinary as I can be.”


I love that because women need the steps and encouragement from other women. One of the things that I always talk about is women supporting women. I mentioned to you last time that there’s this influencer. Her name is Rachel Hollis. She always says, “Women that don’t support other women should go to hell.” It’s Rachel’s words.


I thought that was pretty funny because I am in the second half of my career. My mission is to eradicate the gender gap in the corporate world by empowering women in their career development. It’s a little bit of a tangent there. I do know that some states are now passing legislation on the Pay Transparency Laws, as they are calling them.


That’s cool because I know that that’s going to help eradicate the pay gap in the corporate world. I’m excited about that. There are about seventeen different states now that have these Pay Transparency Laws. It’s important to figure out what your state is doing because some states will say that the employers have to post the pay scale. In other states, you have to request it. It’s important for women to support other women like we are.


There was a time, as I said, in 1992, when I was doing this course, we were killing each other in the board room, and I thought if we were going to get anywhere as a community, women are the heart of the community. I’m going to say it because I believe it but the truth is we can make a big difference when we have each other’s backs. Unfortunately, it’s not always practiced in the corporate world.


One of the things that I would suggest to people is to go on TED Talks and watch some powerful leaders like Sheryl Sandberg. The thing is, when you look at her and listen to her, she’s talking about having a seat at the table. There are a couple of other people on TED Talk that say stretch your body. Allow yourself to get bigger. Watch what they are doing and listen, and keep blooding that comes into your mind that that’s who you are.


NWB 21 | Image And Presence Branding
Image And Presence Branding: Allow yourself to grow and then stand confidently in that.



In Sheryl Sandberg’s book, she talks about women working in the White House where one woman would say an idea in a room full of men, and the men would not hear her. Another woman, knowing that the original woman wanted to talk about that idea. She would repeat and say, “Look at that. Susan said,” and then she would say it, and then the men were like, “Yeah.” It’s almost like men don’t see us initially. You are almost like on a donkey, “Pick me on track.” It’s almost like they don’t see you when you first say an idea. The women in the White House, at that time, had made a pack that they were going to support each other.


I love this because it’s not about taking credit. It’s about being a community mind that works, being recognized, and not that it has to be you personally like you got the credit for it. The other thing I would say is I’m working with this woman that is going for a promotion, and that is, “If they disagree, don’t worry about it. Keep saying what you stand for and what you believe. They may fuss about it, disagree or whatever. That’s okay. Don’t let it stop you. Don’t shrink because it’s that.” Allow yourself to keep expanding into it and be like, “I understand that you don’t agree with me but here’s where I stand with that.” You can do it with elegance and grace without knocking people over.


I find it so unfortunate, in quite honestly, irritating that men can be aggressive, and it’s okay. Women have to be passive, nice or whatever the word of the day is. We can’t be aggressive because if we are aggressive, then we are called different names. We all know the names. What are some other things that you think a woman can do as far as their presence that we haven’t talked about in the workforce to talk to people and let them know that they are working towards this promotion? What else can they possibly do?


When I was in a corporate setting and was in a couple of them for many years, I would seek out other women leaders and ask for their support. I would get mentors and say, “I’m looking at going for this promotion. I’m having a challenge in how to figure out how to get there and how to speak about it. How did you do it?” Be willing to ask for some help from women that you feel would give you some help in that regard.


They will give you support by going to the manager. Quite frankly, it’s about getting a mentor that you can grow with, maybe 1 or 2, and you might even consider having a male mentor to say, “What is it that I could do that might be getting in the way of me not showing up as the powerful leader that I know myself to be? What do you think?”


That’s a big idea now because we always talk about women mentoring women. We haven’t mentioned finding a male mentor because we could learn from the males. We are not here knocking males or anything like that but we are here supporting women. I liked that one.


Degrees, education, having a proper resume, and everything is great. But the mindset is the most powerful tool you have. – Peggy Scott Click To Tweet


Be careful not to collapse because he says, “You are not whatever.” You don’t have to buy everything. Get someone you trust that can hear you as a powerful woman as you are. All you are asking for is a little coaching to say, “What do you see?” Again, don’t shrink. Allow yourself to hear it and then take it or not. You are growing. I did that, and it worked well.


A little bit of a tangent to that is when you get feedback, be prepared to hear some constructive criticism because a lot of people go in and ask for feedback but then they are not prepared to hear what they are going to hear. I always recommend that people be ready to listen, receive, and then apply whatever tools you learn from that feedback.


There are people that will go in and get feedback and go, “No,” and argue with it. That’s not getting feedback and allowing whatever you could learn from that.


That’s a big difference between having a growth mindset where you go in, receive the feedback, and apply it. You are grateful for the feedback because if it weren’t for that feedback, you wouldn’t be able to uncover your blind spots. If you go in with a fixed mindset where you were angry, annoyed, irritated, and you walk out of there going, “They don’t know what they are talking about,” that’s no good. That’s a fixed mindset. There’s a great book that I’m sure you are very well aware of. The Mindset book by Carol Dweck. That’s one book that I always recommend to people. If they have problems with their mindset, that’s always a good resource to go to.


Get all the help you can get because here’s the thing. Women are natural leaders. It’s the natural self-expression for each and every one of us. I watch my daughters and other women, and I’ve mentored a lot of women. There is that natural ability that we have. Not taken on or been trained to lead like that but we are doing it. Get yourself coached. Get a mentor because you are a leader and think like the leader that you are.


I don’t know if you’ve heard about this, Peggy but Millennials nowadays, and I’ve interviewed a few Millennials, are now having conversations about salary. I started many years ago, and that was a big, huge taboo. That’s a no-no. You don’t talk about it. In some of these Pay Transparency Laws that I had mentioned previously, they are saying that employers are not allowed to retaliate against the employee because they are talking about salary. That’s one way of corporations not having to pay women what they are worth compared to males because we don’t know what the salaries are. That’s a pretty novel that Millennials now are discussing salary and are very nonchalant about it, which is great.


NWB 21 | Image And Presence Branding
Image And Presence Branding: Women are the heart of the community.



They’re very savvy, on-the-edge, and willing. They are breaking the glass ceiling and doing it. You and I are mentors and people that can offer help but they also can offer their mentorship. It’s a two-way street. It’s not the generation gap. It’s between, “What can I learn from you? You can learn from me.” I do a mastermind where we have Millennials, people like my age and my daughter’s age, and we are learning from each other. Going back to your point, we could be better advocates for each other, and why not?


Obviously, a lot of us are still online. I know that you also talk about your online presence. How is that different or is it different than being in the office? I know that a lot of people are being called back to the office these days but because so many of us are still online, I wanted to talk a little bit about that online presence.


It is actually as important, if not more, because we have this little box that we were relaying to and are doing our best. It’s great because we do get to read some body language. What do you need to have before you get to be camera ready? Make sure your background is right. We can go through the details but you need to come to the call ready.


Well rested, makeup or no makeup, and have the right colors on. You are ready to receive, and your attention needs to be out here with your audience rather than on yourself, how you look or what you are doing and saying. Get it all clear before you get on camera. That’s where the coaching comes in, “Let’s talk about how you get out here.” After all, isn’t that what we want? We want to get to the audience and not all about us. That’s how I do the coaching with people.


You said the online presence is either you are bringing attention or distracting from yourself. Imagine if you have a bad background or you are all disheveled coming out of a bed. That’s definitely a distraction versus attention. As you said, the individual might be worried about how they look or whatever. I love what you said about clearing all that, having everything in place, being comfortable with how you look, and how you are portraying yourself versus not.


Casual meetings such as with your family are good. You can do anything you want there but when you’re conducting business, it’s a professional appearance you are looking for. Even if you are wearing shorts on the bottom, it still works for you because you are not distracted by that. I’m going to make it real simple. If you don’t have your nails done, the right color on, the right jewelry or whatever, anything that gets in the way of you being present and being out here with your audience, guests, or prospect, take care of it before you get on. You said in one of your forums is be camera ready. The background, the lighting, and the noise factor all of it need to be considered.


Be clear about your ambition and be willing to take risks. If you fail, don't consider it a failure. Consider it feedback. – Peggy Scott Click To Tweet


I will give you and I both an A-plus now because we are camera ready, and our backgrounds are nice. We’ve talked a lot about women supporting other women in that reverse mentorship. Have you mentored or coached younger people? What are some of the conversations that you have been having with younger individuals? I’m talking about Millennials.


I’m working with a Millennial who is very ambitious. She’s strong with herself. She doesn’t have to prove anything but still, she has this conversation that she gets nervous about speaking to the men in the C level in the C-Suite. The Millennials are ready to go and ambitious. I dial it into, and it’s not 5 or 10 years from now. It’s now, and what am I going to do in the next two years?


It’s not as long as I used to have. I’m going to be in there. They are moving and moving and get bored. What is it that lights you up? Where can you put your tenureship? I had a Millennial working for me. He used to run everywhere. I go, “Where are you going?” He was done at 2:00 in the afternoon and said, “I’m going to go home.” It’s because everything was done. I had to adjust but they are moving faster. I love working with them because they are very ambitious.


You said something that sometimes women are busy and acquiring more. Maybe you didn’t say this specifically but what I heard was they are busy and ambitious. Some women feel like they need to continue to acquire more degrees and certifications to prove themselves and never feel ready. When should enough education be enough?


Personally, I’m going to continue to educate myself but I’m not doing it to prove my worth anymore. What I’m doing is strengthening my competency and expanding my skills. I learn from the Millennials in that way. On social media, I’m like, “I’m a little late in the game but I’m learning.” I’m getting coached by someone who’s like, “You have to have the right hashtags. You have to post this and this.” I’m not educating myself to prove that I’m worth it anymore. I did in the past and had to have all these things on my resume, my degrees, and everything. I bring what I have to the table in a very strong way, so it’s expanding my skillset.


I love that you made the distinction between someone that wants to educate themselves because they want to and they are trying to expand themselves versus they have to prove something to somebody and need another degree and whatnot. If you do that, you are going to continue to spend money and spin your wheels. Let me know if you agree with this. Instead of getting another certificate, work on your mindset.


NWB 21 | Image And Presence Branding
Image And Presence Branding: Women are natural leaders.



I am 100% behind you with that one because degrees, educating all that, having a proper resume, and everything is great but the mindset of what you bring to the table. I know people that haven’t got all those degrees, and they are CEOs. You make it while you make it. The mindset is the most powerful tool you have.


I mentioned this a little bit earlier but I wrote an article on LinkedIn. It’s about knowing your worth and being able to articulate your worth with massive confidence and conviction. One of the things that I was talking about in the article is having a plan. Have a folder, for example, with all of the projects that you worked on. Have discussions and conversations, not necessarily feedback but talk to other people about what they have done for their careers because with every person you talk to, you uncover a little nugget that you could possibly apply to you.


I also talked about making sure that you keep track of your contributions and then be visible. That’s where the image comes in because for visibility, I say, “If you are a subject matter expert, volunteer to do some presentation to either your team or maybe a new hire or the department as a refresher.” That gives you the floor to be visible and show your presence. That’s where you can make a lot of gains in your career.


I love it because when I talk about presence, I consider it like your business collateral, your website, and social media. You make sure that it speaks well of you, the colors, and everything is right. Why wouldn’t you do that with your image? It’s because this is your best marketing message. Is it in line with what your job is and what you want to project?


I used to say, and will still say, is that dress for where you want to go. If you want to have an executive-level position, you are going to have to put the gear on for that and not like a gear on but allow it to speak for you, your clothing, image, and body language. All that speaks volumes, and people are reading it. People are also judging and evaluating all day long.


They say it takes six seconds to make a physical first impression.


Love yourself because you are worth it. Love yourself as much as you love anyone. – Peggy Scott Click To Tweet


Think about it. They say 200 assessments. I’m like, “My mind works that fast.” She’s from here and there. I like her. I don’t like her. I want to engage. I don’t want to engage. It’s all in the seconds that they get to see you.


Isn’t that incredible? Sometimes, a person may rub me the wrong way. When I sit down and think about it, I have no idea why, and it’s my brain.


That’s why the online presence needs to be on point now because it’s now. Be happy and comfortable with what you got, project it, and then be confident in projecting it and learning. If it didn’t work, you go and figure out what didn’t work.


For people that don’t necessarily know how, look at people around you, whether it’s in the same organization or other organizations, and obviously, a coach can help you. If you don’t need a coach, because you can look at people around that you admire that are actually 3 to 5 years ahead of you and how they are doing what they are doing. You want to try to emulate those people that are successful. That’s very helpful.


That’s where I was referring to also going on TED Talks and watching other powerful leaders and speakers. The thing is, we are mimicking and emulating others. Where I step in with the image part is, is it working for you? Does it work for you? How do you know? Where do you get your ideas? Where I help is, “What’s your purpose, your values, this and that?” We then go, “Let’s get the right image going so that it’s right in line with all that.” It’s fabulous. When you walk in the door, they are like, “I don’t know who that is but that’s talk.”


Aside from that, doing your homework on you with obviously your skills. Make sure that you have done assessments, such as the StrengthsFinder or DiSC. Any of those assessments are always going to help you to identify your strengths and your weaknesses as well. It’s important for you to do your homework on yourself and then also on the market. How do you compare to the market? If you are going to talk to your manager about a possible promotion or even a salary increase, what’s going on in the market for your particular job in relation to salaries and that thing?


NWB 21 | Image And Presence Branding
Image And Presence Branding: If you say, “I’m a powerful woman,” and step into that, it will show up that way.



When I say get clear about your purpose, that creates a context or something. They say, “Context is decisive.” If you say, “I’m a powerful woman,” and you step into that, it’s going to show up that way. If you keep convincing yourself that you are not, that’s going to decide, so your purpose is to be clear about your ambition and be willing to take the risk. Go for it. If you fail, good. Don’t consider it a failure. Consider it feedback.


I might be wrong because I’m terrible with posts but it was William Bell that said he didn’t fail 1,000 times. He made another experiment, learned, or something like that.


Part of it is people aren’t afraid of failure. They are mostly afraid of success, “What am I going to do? I’m going to have to show up and perform.”


Peggy, I know we are running out of time, but before we go, I wanted to ask you if you could tell me in 2 or 3 minutes. How did you get to become a master image and branding presence coach?


I was born that way. I did grow up in a very large family. We didn’t have a lot. I really was committed to not pretending or anything but I wasn’t committed to looking like a poor way for anything. I want it to look great. I put it together but that became something that I enjoyed. Along the way, I’ve done a lot of different work. I also got professional training.


A lot of I developed courses called Mastery of Great Looks and Presence of Self that I led for fifteen years. It was extraordinary for men, women, and young girls. It was fabulous, and all of that was great but here’s the thing. I am so committed to people, women particularly, to show their best strengths and self. I was very shy for a very long time.


NWB 21 | Image And Presence Branding
Image And Presence Branding: Knowing your core values will give you the strength to stand.



I got trained and training. I opened myself up as much as I could. What I’m committed to be having people shine their very best presence, and that can extend to every part of their life. Beauty is at the heart of it for me. I have this thing that if we lived in a world where there was no beauty, it would be very flattening to our spirit. We could look at some Hunger Games and that one place. For me, it’s beauty and amping and allowing your extraordinary, unique expression of your beauty. I don’t know if I answered your question but what it is, I am so committed to empowering people. This is the gift I got. I go, “Let me do it.”


Before we close, I would like for you to share two concrete tips that someone could apply to their career so that they can continue to advance and get a seat at the table.


The top one would be core values. Establish your core values, and if you don’t have them, there are ways to go at it. You can go online, find it, and go through that. Knowing your core values will give you the strength to stand there. Inside of that, what is your purpose? What do you want to accomplish? There’s the conversation about your mindset. You want to create a mindset of a daily mantra, “I am this. I have this. I’m a powerful woman that makes a difference.” Whatever it is, and speak it to yourself every day. Whenever you have that upside-down thought, you are like, “No. I am a powerful woman.” Get your core values handled, get them clear for yourself, and manage your mindset. I know these are practical and powerful tools to use.


This has been a fantastic conversation, Peggy. I believe you have a gift to offer to the audience.


I’m offering a 30-minute, let’s get start a conversation. All it is a 30-minute complimentary session, and I will take you through the process. We can start with core values and start to define that. You see if you like it. If you want to use it, great. If you want to work with me, fabulous. There’s no push but that’s my gift.


Before I close this excellent episode, any final words, Peggy?


Love yourself because you are worth it. Love yourself as much as you love anyone that you love. The other thing is to love into existence any part of yourself that you’ve put aside, “My hips are too big. My face isn’t right. I don’t know if I have enough education.” Love it back into existence. Dare to be extraordinary because you are.


Thank you so much, Peggy, for your time. I appreciate you so much.


Thank you. This was great.



What a great conversation with Peggy Scott. I really love the fact that Peggy brought a fresh idea to us, which is when you get a mentor, seek a male mentor. The reason why I want to do that is that when you talk to a male mentor, you get, number 1) A different perspective, but number 2) You get the ability to ask them and pick their brain on things like, “What language do you use? How would you approach this situation, and how do you specifically ask to negotiate a salary?” Things like that. That is fabulous.


Finally, I’m going to recap Peggy’s two tips for advancing in your career. Tip number 1) Is to establish your core value. She says, “Knowing your core values will give you the strength to stand for yourself.” Tip number 2) Is to manage your mindset. Create a daily mantra when those negative self-talk starts creeping into your brain. Swish it away and reframe it into a powerful statement such as, “I am a powerful woman,” and believe it.


I know we’ve talked about power poses in the past, so make sure you go and do a wonder woman power pose where you stand with your hands on your hips, your chest out, your head high, and you reframe those negative thoughts into positive thoughts so that they can promote positive actions. It’s a great show. Thanks again, Peggy, for being on. The last thing is to remember to be brave, be bold, and take action.



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Peggy is a master image and presence branding coach, author, and podcaster. She is passionate about having people shine their very best through their personal presence, which then extends to every part of their life. She has 30+ years of developing and delivering transformational programs that produce phenomenal and lasting results with her clients.


What distinguishes Peggy from others in her field is her innate ability, professional training, and years of experience to recognize and listen for what’s wanted and needed. She offers caring, concise guidance that will shift your mindset, limiting ideas or assumptions about yourself, and removing anything that does not serve your mission, purpose, and presence.