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Take Your Power Back: The Subconscious Work To Empower Women With Denise Miceli

FKW No Woman Left Behind | Denise Miceli | Subconscious Work

  If you are feeling stuck and unsure how to advance in your corporate career, this episode is for you! Rosie Zilinskas welcomes Denise Miceli, intuitive life coach and creator of Rock Your Blocks, to discuss how to reclaim your power and take your career to the next level. Denise shares powerful tools for identifying […]

Leadership Energy: The Path To Conscious Leadership With Vicki Bradley

No Woman Left Behind | Vicki Bradley | Leadership Energy

  Rosie Zilinskas explores the intricacies of leadership energy with the remarkable Vicky Bradley. Vicky, a seasoned corporate executive turned entrepreneur and CEO of WIL Empowered, unveils the seven levels of leadership energy, guiding us on a journey of self-awareness and conscious leadership. Through riveting anecdotes and profound insights, she illuminates how leaders can navigate […]

Work Smart: Becoming A Better Leader In A Post-Pandemic World With Dr. Jennie Byrne

No Woman Left Behind | Jennie Byrne | Work Smart

  Feeling drained by endless Zoom calls and struggling to connect with your team? This episode dives deep into the science of leading with empathy in a post-pandemic world, especially for women. Dr. Jennie Byrne, a brain and behavior expert, joins Rosie Zilinskas to crack the code on creating a psychologically safe space where everyone […]

Thriving At Work: A Disability Advocate’s Journey With Tracee Garner

No Woman Left Behind | Tracee Garner | Disability At Work

  Ever wonder how to thrive in the workplace while juggling a disability? In this episode, we dive deep into the inspiring story of Tracee Garner, a bestselling author and disability advocate. Tracee doesn’t shy away from sharing the realities of navigating the workplace while living with a disability. She offers practical advice on overcoming […]

ABCs Of Transformation: Deconstruct Your Past, Build Your Leadership WithAndrea Johnson

No Woman Left Behind | Andrea Johnson | ABCs Of Transformation

  Feeling stuck in a cycle of “shoulds” and societal expectations? This episode is your invitation to break free! Join Rosie Zilinskas as she interviews transformational leadership coach Andrea Johnson about the ABCs of our lives: Assumptions, Beliefs, and Conditioning. We explore how these deeply ingrained patterns shape our actions and self-worth. Andrea shares her […]

Unlocking Financial Confidence: Women, Wealth, And Wisdom With Lisa Sakai

No Woman Left Behind | Lisa Sakai | Financial Confidence

  Feeling stuck in a budget rut and dreaming of a life beyond the 9-to-5? This episode’s for you! We’re ditching the restrictive money diets (hello, financial freedom!) and chatting with Lisa Sakai, a financial consultant who spills the tea on how to unlock your financial confidence and start living your bucket list life, today. […]

Chief Of Staff: The Unsung Heroes Of The Corporate World With Emily Sander

NWB 81 | Chief Of Staff

CEO, COO, CFO, President. We all hear about these important roles in the corporate world, filled by people we know are at the helm of bringing a company or organization forward. But did you know that there is an unsung hero that stands behind these other roles? Today, we look into the importance of the […]

The Strategic Plan To Advance Women In Their Careers With JJ DiGeronimo

NWB 79 | Advance Careers

  Are you working in your career or are you working on your career? There is a whole world of difference between losing yourself in your job and actually working to advance. In this episode, Rosie Zilinskas interviews the award-winning author and former tech industry leader, JJ DiGeronimo, about this familiar struggle that women often […]