Encouraging Young Women To Become Entrepreneurs With Sylvia R.J. Scott

NWB 51 | Young Women Entrepreneurs

  It is always amazing and inspiring to see young women entrepreneurs, just fresh out of high school or college, and already thriving in this path. And it makes you wonder, how did they do it? Who introduced them to the opportunities this early? This episode’s guest is the person behind many of these young […]

Psychological Safety In The Workplace: The Biggest Predictor Of Team Effectiveness With Stephanie Fleming

NWB 50 | Psychological Safety

  Exploring how having an environment safe for interpersonal risk-taking can have a transformative impact on both individuals and teams. In this episode, psychological safety Certified Practitioner and Strategic Planner Stephanie Fleming discusses what psychological safety is, how it can be cultivated, and the benefits it brings to personal growth. Stephanie explains the challenges that […]

How Women Can Heal From Trauma With Kristin Sparks

NWB 49 | Heal From Trauma

In this episode, we are joined by Trauma and Shame Recovery Specialist Kristin Sparks as she shares how women can move on from the effects of shameful and traumatic experiences and lead successful lives. Kristin emphasizes that women who have experienced trauma can rise above their circumstances and create the life they have always dreamed […]

Changing Systemic Bias: On Equality For Women In The Workforce With Katie Donovan

NWB 48 | Systemic Bias

Women in the corporate world don’t hold themselves back, but instead they are pushed back. Today, we have a bonus episode with Katie Donovan, who shares her take and tips on striking a negotiation conversation with corporate as a woman! Kate is a leading pay-equity expert and founder of the consultancy, Equal Pay Negotiations. She […]

Understanding Your Worth Before A Negotiation With Tina Greenbaum

NWB 47 | Negotiation

Negotiating for a higher salary or a higher paying job takes a lot of understanding of yourself. You have to really know your worth and whether you’re ready to walk away from an offer that doesn’t meet your standards. A successful negotiation takes preparation, active listening skills, stress control, and more. Join Rosie Zilinskas as […]

Negotiate Like You’re Negotiating For Somebody Else With Patricia Carl

NWB 46 | Negotiation

  We are nearing the end of the How to Negotiate in the Corporate World Series. Tune in to today’s episode to learn more about getting sponsors, stakeholder negotiations, negotiating your price, how to lead in today’s environment, and more. Know that as a woman, you don’t have to check all the boxes for a […]

Self-Limits To Self-Potentials: How To Negotiate What You Deserve With Kimberly Spencer

NWB 45 | Corporate Negotiation

Negotiating in the corporate world is a tricky game. It’s all about knowing what you want and being willing to get there. In this episode, we listen to Kimberly Spencer as she shares her perspective on how to negotiate in the corporate world. Kimberly is an award-winning, high-performance trauma-informed coach and trainer, Amazon best-selling author, […]

The GENIUS Method: How To Utilize Your Uniqueness With Brana Williams

NWB 44 | The GENIUS Method

How should we negotiate in the corporate world to make our job satisfactory? In this fifth episode of this series, Brana Williams dives deep into the GENIUS Method to help you negotiate and to become more engaged in your job. Some of the takeaways from the interview is that we should stop hiding our uniqueness […]

Corporate Negotiation: Knowing What You’re Worth With Elissa D. Hecker

NWB 43 | Corporate Negotiation

When negotiating, women tend to negotiate with themselves first. This usually doesn’t end well because women tend to think they’re not good enough or don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. These are all mindsets you need to let go of. Understand your worth and go from there. Join Rosie Zilinskas as she talks to Elissa […]